Dual Wielded Pistols Are NOT A Good Idea

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no akimbos please, this is not a john woo film. 1 pistol is plenty for a secondary
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Akimbo shotguns was stupid idea as with machine pistols they only made sense with just plain ole pistols
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akimbo shotguns just fail and akimbo machine pistols and smgs just say"im an unbalanced piece if $h1t and you should spray me and get easy quads"while pistols was smart since they were somewat nerfed in mw2 since deagle sucked ^ his nuts
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The only thing I'm gonna say is that I agree with the topic title; I mainly want trey DEVs to see this on the front page. ^__^
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They put akimbo's, commando and commando pro in because before creating perks, the development team had just watched every episode of Rambo... twice.
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CamelTowing wrote:


But running around as a sniper with silenced dual M9s had to be by far the best thing evar! I say keeps

too bad the silencer on the m9 didn't/doesn't work. So you wasted an attachment for nothing.
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Akimbo was fine in MW2 except for the models and G18 + steady aim + akimbo.
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No-ones stopping someone with Akimbo G-18.
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While akimbo pistols weren't seen much they had a lot of potential. Up close its a shotgun in practice and once you get further they still do ok. Other things like akimbo Glocks were seen more often simple because they were better for the most part.

But now that we are losing the MP secondaries and going back to pistols, putting akimbo back in just seems so contrary to taking out the shotguns as secondaries in the first place.

I think they could work and get a nice buff if they were primaries though.
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akimbo pistols are hard to unlock though...
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