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So how many people want to keep Akimbo along with other ultra-unrealistic things like throwing knives and quickscoping? I say keep Akimbo but only for pistols, and small pistols at that. Dual M1911's, okay. Dual .50AE Desert Eagles? No.

Also. Please. Please. PLEASE. Nerf CopyCat.
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Akimbo for pistols only but quickscoping? you can not change that lol. people will carry on to do so whatever happens
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Throwing knives aren't really unrealistic, they do exist, it's just that the average soldier wouldn't use one, but in MW2, you do play as above average International Specialists in many missions and on many maps.
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I want a laser guided mini-rocket launcher on my shoulder that auto-targets.
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I say keep akimbo on the pistols because i like having my akimbo magnums as back up
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At first I thought Akimbo was gonna be awesome, I know its unrealistic but you gotta remember we are just playing a game not reinacting real life. Anywho, after using a few of the guns akimbo in MW2 I felt it was just a novelty.

My opinion is to leave out akimbo weapons in BO. On the other hand, throwing knives and quickscoping are still 100% legit in my books so keep them in!
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I wouldn't mind akimbo SMG's or shotguns, since they are primaries and you're giving up any chance of long ranged combat.

But pistols? That's a real slap in the face to shotguns and SMG's.
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I think they should keep akimbo but only for hand guns. They should also keep throwing knives but if u throw it then lose it u shouldn't have a knife as your melee weapon until u spawn again
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Yes, it IS realistic, specs do pick up two of one weapon but only under reasonable cover, dual SMGs, hmm at times depends on power, if you had a strong kick back SMG it'd be hard controlling that never mind two, whereas two shotguns is near impossible as the recoil is massive!
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I really don't mind the akimbo pistols, but everything else needs to go. Also, how the hell do you dual wield shotguns (or any weapon) and still manage to whip out a knife and stab someone in the blink of an eye? Akimbo pistols can stay, but the player needs to be penalized by losing the use of their knife, when akimbos are equipped.
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