ESPN: Awaiting the Trailer

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isnt halftime technically 3rd quarter?

looks like 3rd quarter, the halftime show is on.
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I just hope its better than the MW2 trailer that aired during the NBA playoffs last year.
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And longer than MW2's. Let's all hope!
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When does the halftime show end??

I can't wait to see this!
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curesd wrote:


When does the halftime show end??

I can't wait to see this!

After Halftime
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Just a question.

Is the commercial only airing in America???

I'm watching from Canada so i'm getting pretty worried. ):
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Here you go:

Still processing, will be HD soon.
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New CoD info. I'm always taking as much as I can get.
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I have to say...that trailer looks awesome! Still waiting for the commercial on TV though.
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I'm from UK so I couldn't see the trailer on TV so I just watched it on youtube there the now, Looks Great!, Loved the Crossbow firing the sort of timed grenade, Can't wait game will be great!
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