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How's the best way to throw back 5 Frags?

I'm trying to get Flak jacket Pro and I'm having a terrible time getting it. Ive tried everything to get the throw back 5 frags but fail each and every time!!!

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Well... just eveey time you see a frag your first instinct is to run, right? Well instead of running try looking for it and chuck it back or at the enemy's general direction. If it explodes in your hand, you die, but meh who cares? Just keep doing that and you would eventually get it. Its good practice too!

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Get in that tower on firing range people always throw grenades up there because they are pissed at people for camping there lol

That's how I got it the first time.

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It is also a bit easier to go for it on Core because it will help you know when to throw the grenades back...


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