Follow @Treyarch on Twitter (and why)

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Follow @Treyarch on Twitter (and why)

Hi all,

Twitter allows us to make the statement, collect the feedback (via @ replies), and branch discussions off with any number of followers - all the while, not disrupt or compete with the discussions taking place about CoD on the boards. Win-win, win.

So if you haven't already, please follow @Treyarch on Twitter:

It's the best way to get the latest COD: Black Ops / Treyarch updates the fastest. And if you don't want to make a Twitter account, no problem - just bookmark that URL and check back there each time you're wondering about what's happening in our world. In one feed you can see precisely what went down and when, as far back as you'd like =).

Now that doesn't mean forums are going anywhere, or that important updates won't be mirrored here as well; because they will. But there's so much more to share with the community than just those most critical tidbits of information, which is where Twitter comes in.

Thanks for being one of the biggest and bestest communities out there!



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