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If you're looking for a good control scheme, use this:

1) Set the "Y" axis to about half way, and set the "X" axis to around 75% or more.

2) Set the control scheme to "Alternate 2"

3) Enable "high precision" to make aiming the it was meant to be for FPS games

4) Enable the "hold sights" option (that's not what its called, but it makes it so that you only look through your sights if you press your "sights" button, but this is after it is enabled. It is the option above the high precision option.)

If you are not using these settings, then you might be going through unnecessary frustration, and that frustration might affect your judgment on the overall game. And some of these settings that are mentioned above can only be done so after patch 1.27, so make sure you have that patch downloaded.

-Works for a lot of people.

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Tried it and its good thanks!
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i have everything on high and i am a beast at it so im good.
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