For Newbies - How to edit your profile

Black Ops forum

Ever since the makeover to the Black Ops skin the site has taken recently, a lot of newbies and even some older existing members can not edit their profile unfortunately. I know of a way to overcome this slight overlook and its easy.

1. Make sure your signed in here on the forums.

2. Now open a new tab on your PC/Laptop while your existing tab is still here on the site.

3. On the new tab go here -

4. Now look at the upper right of your screen, it should have a small box where it reads MY PROFILE.

5. Click MY PROFILE and it should bring you into your Profile page, click the ACCOUNT PROFILE tab and edit your profile.

You can also click EDIT AVATAR and get yourself an avatar instead of those ugly NO CUSTOM AVATAR signs next to your posts.

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