For PCDev: Vehicle limitation in BO?

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For PCDev: Vehicle limitation in BO?

To PCdev,

I done a quick test of spawning a jeep willys into BO as a Vehicle and it works. There are however a number of things which looks to be hardcoded and would like to have confirmation before I invest more time into it

- Forward movement is binded to Fire button, i see in the vehicle file that i can bind controls but thats for Console Only right? I just need to know if i can bind forward key on it. Oh and reverse wont work.

- As in CODWAW, the driver is not visible. I tried to remove the self ghost() code from _vehicles.gsc but with no effect. Is driver invisible hardcoded and not reversible?

- I dont see a physics_collmaps folder in BO and so my vehicle has no collision, is that dealt with differently now in BO?

- Am I right in saying that DDef arent used anymore for Vehicles? Just pristine and death models in Vehicle file?
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Re: For PCDev: Vehicle limitation in BO?

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that is crazy
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