For the People Complaining about Map Size Etc.

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For the People Complaining about Map Size Etc.

This goes out to everyone complaining about the maps and everything else I think is just irrational to complain about. The maps are not too big they aren't even big compared to Array and Derail they are still the biggest maps when it comes to non vehicle Call of Duty and if you include WaW those maps are even bigger. These aren't big maps at all if you think they are too big then it's time you start learning them cause they aren't big at all. The reasons why they seem so big is because they are so open and they don't have a point of interest meaning there isn't an area everyone runs to. They wouldn't be so open if the people who are complaining about big maps didn't complain about too much clutter back in Black Ops 2 and MW3. Call of Duty needs to start using medium sized and large maps only because the fact that small maps can't handle the spawns period. If you think the maps are too big Black Ops 2 is still running.

Now here's another complaint that seems to be just irrational if anything people are complaining that this game is catering to campers. Really? If they were catering to campers Dead Silence would of been even more useless and it would of never got buffed. If they catered to campers in this game SMGs would be five to six hit kill and shotguns wouldn't be viable even at knife range. The IED would of had an instant detonation time and it would of been way stronger and you would be able to replenish it. If they were catering to campers all of the maps would of been three lane maps. There are so many ways they could of catered to campers cause if they were catering to the campers Dead Eye would cost less and Danger Close, Agility and Marathon wouldn't have even existed. Seriously instead of asking for ridiculous nerfs you should be asking for tips. If I had it my way all perks and equipment and explosives would be at their full strengths and the devs would of just presented the game like it was and said "here's the game we are only nerf and buffing guns have fun."

These complaints are getting more irrational every day as more and more people try to complain for their agenda's sake so they can get catered to. You have people complaining about the dog's health when it's not even a problem if it was equipment I would agree but it's a point streak it's suppose to be strong. Then you have anti-quickscopers and anti-Riot Shield people complaining day after day with exaggerations and no proof and they expect irrational nerfs and now you got the people who use Amplify complaining even though Amplify wasn't even nerfed. I don't get these complaints because every complaint I have seen so far takes something away from someone why should they lose something just because you feel that your agenda is more important? If all players can't be catered to then none of them should be catered to. Because balance is more important then a play style that's having a hard time adjusting because the maps don't cater to their needs. The big maps allow everyone to play instead of only the Ar and smg users. Wanna rush stay in close quarters. If you wanna run n gun stay on the edge of the map. It's simple to adapt in games like these you just have to be willing to adapt.

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