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Frame Rate Issues

I gave up playing on PC's when the XBOX first came out becuase I was tired of playing with AV drivers.

I'm 44, spent more in the arcade than I'd like to admit and fix computers day to day.

I've played all COD's and bought 4 copies, ( 3-360 1-PS3 ), I'm returning 2 this weekend.

Its just not enjoyable. I love the COD series, enjoy all the maps for different reasons, enjoy playing against real people

I decided to finally check out the campain, and the second level I got bad framerate issues ( the part where you're going up to the roof to use the harpoon on the chopper ), I died, it restarted at the last check point and was then Ok.

Bad issues with this "new engine" their using ( their words in one interview )

I frequently ( though a little less ) get framerate issues, had a great working router, now since the update the NAT isn't working like it did.

I'm using a Netgear WNDR3300 and it has an option for OPEN or Shared NAT, set at open I had open NAT on all 3 XBOX's and the PS3 at the same time.

Now I have to have 1 xbox in the DMZ so at least one of us has a decent game, and the PS3 has port forwarding.

Hope they get it fixed, I'm loosing interest.
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