Free Xbox Live and Microsoft Points(also iTunes)

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Free Xbox Live and Microsoft Points(also iTunes)

I know many people will say this is BS but it's not. It's an app on the App Store called "JunoWallet." Juno gets paid to get apps to the top of the leaderboards, so they give you money to download apps. All you have to do is download them, open them up, then delete them. Your account should be credited. When you earn enough money, you can redeem the money on your account for Xbox subscriptions, points, and iTunes cards.

I know you're still skeptical because I was, but it's legit. The reason I'm telling you is because I get twenty-five cents for every person that signs up saying I referred them. The great part is that you also get twenty-five cents when you say that I have referred you.

Just try it out. Download JunoWallet on the App Store and sign up(it's free and they don't spam your email). When you're prompted to type in a code if you were referred, please type in the code BR900018.

Thanks and good luck getting some gift cards!

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