From the Sniping community to Infinity Ward after the December 23rd Patch. DEVELOPERS PLEASE READ!

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You are complaining about a patch that had next to no noticeable affect on the weapons.  Exactly how would reading your post that decries the changes as being much more impactful than they are be of any use to anyone.  I have something much better than your post.  I have actual in game experience with the weapons.  I don't need to read someone's oh woe is me complaint about something that I am already quite familiar with to know what my response would be.  Sorry that you find my opinion to be a waste of your time but I think that you already did that by posting such a long post complaining about a minimal change to the snipers.  Perhaps you need to spend a little more time actually using the weapons and a little less time pretending that the sky has fallen.

If your playstyle was ruined by these changes then you didn't have a playstyle.  You were already on the edge of being incompetent with a sniper.  I don't say that to be mean but it is what it is.  I don't consider myself to be a great sniper but if someone with my skill level finds the changes to be hardly noticeable in the grand scheme of things then for it to have caused you so much concern can only mean that you either are not good at all with a sniper or you have absolutely no idea how minimal the changes really are because you haven't tried the weapons post patch.  Either way you are in no position to make a credible case for how the changes have done some great harm to the sniper playstyle.

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Re: From the Sniping community to Infinity Ward af...

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You claim the patch had no noticeable effect on the game/sniping when actually it had a huge effect. The only way a person would think it had no effect was if their idea of sniping was camping in a corner of a map with one line of sight left triggering their butt off.

For the record, I've put in around 40 days of play on CoD since 2006. One of my montages (around 40 clips of quad feeds or better) is currently being edited by a 100k+ editor. I'm a pretty decent sniper so when I say they ruined weapon balance with their stupid nerfs, I know what I'm talking about.

Heck don't trust just me look at the play stats for Ghosts. Ever since december the game has been bleeding players into previous titles. Most major players only play the game now to keep getting views but most montage makers have moved back to better CoDs. They've made the game a pop piece of rubbish, and made it insanely easy for any noob with an MTAR to utterly dominate far better players using other weapon classes.

I don't even play this horrible game anymore, I went back to BO2 in January. Keep giving IW your money. I'm sure they love being able to make games with broken spawns, no concept of weapon balance and absurd game breaking perks whilst still having people like you desperate to buy things from them. LOL

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Re: From the Sniping community to Infinity Ward af...

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Hi there man! In my opinion, the developers are trying to do their best to make things up for Ghosts. Sure it's a enjoyable game and I understand that others find it bad. In my opinion, I know it's hard to please everyone in the COD community but, I hope there's a common ground of any means that the parties may be able address feedback that's needed to be considered. Developing a game is not easy as it gets and it's not really an instant wish like magic to address all issues when it comes to game play balance. It's a good read by the way man and I do hope Infinity Ward may be able to consider your post as well as consider the thoughts of other players for this. Cheers!

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