Gameplay Update - Feb 3

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Gameplay Update - Feb 3

An often cited feature request made to me is to use the currently unused D-Pad down to allow users to switch between any killstreaks they have earned.

Now you know why, in part, our in-game HUD UI even shows all 4 D-pad quadrants in it versus previous games that only show you the LEFT, TOP, and RIGHT. I think it's fair to say we've been looking for a good use of the D-Pad down for awhile. I think it's also fair to say that this idea, and others, have been suggested, prototyped, and eliminated.

When I first started talking to the community about Black Ops they were (generally speaking, and among many things) very worried about you termed "killstreak spam." This is why, in part, we modified killstreaks so they don't count towards other killstreaks.

No change to the game is without consequence somewhere else in the game. We did that and you see less overall killstreaks (although I still see lot, a lot of the time) and now you can, for better or worse, end up not being able to use your hard-earned Chopper Gunner because the air space was full (etc., all).

"Fail!" someone will shout to me. "I earned that killstreak and I couldn't use it. Unfair!" he screams.

We hear you. We even understand you. I, personally, like the idea when applied in a different context than how Black Ops killstreaks work.

We've filled away the idea to be re-examined when we have a scenario in which it makes more sense to us. The idea is so strong it's best applied as a modifier, bonus, or encouragement to use a certain type or types of kill streaks as a group. A really good idea best left for some game we haven't made yet.

David 'Vahn' Vonderhaar
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Re: Gameplay Update - Feb 3

Seems like the best for now.

No comments on the "No care package Valkyrie" or 2 flare gunship?

Nothing on the framerate? Hit detection?
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Re: Gameplay Update - Feb 3

Nice to hear that you guys came to this conclusion. I recall these early on discussions and was not in favor of "Selectable" killstreaks.

Keep up the good work, like always your updates are a breath of fresh air to this community; hopefully, some day we might even see a thread from you which discusses the lag compensation issues on the Xbox, not that it is all in our heads (good name for a new challenge though).
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Re: Gameplay Update - Feb 3

Informative post, thanks for keeping us updated.

How about using the button to show your current SPM in that specific match (as this is the primary leaderboard stat).
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Re: Gameplay Update - Feb 3

Cool story, bro
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Re: Gameplay Update - Feb 3

I'm not sure I understand the point of this thread. Are you asking us to explain why 'Down' on the D-Pad should be used to cycle between Killstreaks, or are you asking us to suggest new ideas for what could be used?

I appreciate the post, Vahn, but it's not very clear, at least to me. Can you, or someone else, please shed some light on me?

Thank you.

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Re: Gameplay Update - Feb 3

I'd like to see the left and right D-pad utilized for being able to lean and shoot around corners or to roll while prone. I think it would add another aspect of realism to the game. Thanks for the update.
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Re: Gameplay Update - Feb 3

Fix. The. Snipers.

Spread ADS timer, forced sway and off-center scope all need to go. They should have been gone two patches ago (hell, never should have been in the game, but JD got his panties in a twist over YouTube montages...go figure), and now it is time to answer to the sub-set of the community that you have bludgeoned with arbitrary, needless, stupid crap since launch. Fix. It.
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Re: Gameplay Update - Feb 3


I don't have any idea for the use of the down D-pad, but how about adding more game types to the Hardcore playlist?

Ground War


War (last seen in W@W) - also add them to the core and bare bones playlists

Thanks for your time.
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Re: Gameplay Update - Feb 3

Out of all the things that people are complaining about, you chose to create a post on the least significant?

How about something about Weapon Balance, if you've considered any of the changes people have suggested. There was a good topic on Weapon Balance by someone called 'Haipez' have a read.

When I heard you were going to interact with the community I thought you would be posting atleast every two days about the real things people are complaining about. I'm not trying to sound rude, but I probably speak for a lot of people by saying these things.
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