Ghosts doesn't "feel" right anymore

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Ghosts doesn't "feel" right anymore

I stopped playing Call of Duty a week ago because post-patch the game was awful. Normally the game is bad immediately after a patch but after a week things return close to normal. However, it's been over a week and the game is just plain awful. I'm getting 2-3 second mini freezes where the game completely locks up for a brief while and I'm dead. People are straight skipping everywhere and I'm getting 0 hit detection.

It's like I'm playing Black Ops II all over again. Ghosts use to play wonderfully. I had no issues with lag and now I'm rubberbanding all over the place and it's not like this happens once every several games. This is every. Single. Game.

I don't see myself playing for much longer and I'm already going to hold off on buying AW until I see how that game goes. I was quite hopeful seeing how well Ghosts performed and thought that maybe Call of Duty finally defeated the Lag Monster, recent experiences have proven that they were only able to hide it.

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Re: Ghosts doesn't "feel" right anymore

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Hello ghamorra,

If  you have some issues on lagging in the game, you might want to try performing these troubleshooting steps for this kind of issue:

  • Power cycle your systems (console and router/modem). Just turn the two devices off, unplug them for, like, 5 minutes, then after the said time, plug them back and turn them on then try to play some games to see if there are any changes.
  • You can also perform some steps from this article. Here's the link: Activision Support How to Reduce Lag in a Multipayer game)

Try those steps and see if there will be differences. Thanks.

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Re: Ghosts doesn't "feel" right anymore

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It seems to be in decline for about the last 6 weeks, the matchmaking is now pulling people in from all over the world and as a result the game is getting worse and less playable.

We had people from Japan in our games yesterday.

The normal mix now seems to be, USA, southern europe, russia, south america and out to the middle east and beyond all thrown into the same game..

G' you where i am from so you can imagine the lagfests we have been having

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