Got banned from Gamespot because I......

Black Ops forum

...criticized the fact that they gave Black Ops 9.0s on all versions of the game and tried to start a discussion on why this is the case.

Nobody could respond to it, and the moderator banned me.

I also raised the question of unethical reviews coming from GS in exchange for advertising money and other benefits, primary example being the Kane and Lynch 2 review by Jeff Gertmann that got him fired.

What do you think? Does BO deserve 9.0 on all platforms?

I certainly don't.

Did Activision pay off GS for those reviews?
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Gamespot/FAQS is a pretty bad site IMO.
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Awesome site I know run by a few friends..

Yes, I am hoping to increase their traffic by posting this, however they cover a wide range of games and have the same general complaints about previously listed sites.
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I think since the campaign and zombies deserves a 9.5.. maybe not the multi. Combined, a 9.0. Yes.
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MP: 6.5 Way too much BS/lag/horrible hit detection to be good.

Campaign: I've only played a mission and a half so idk.

Zombies: 9

Extras (Theatre mode, Wager matches, etc): 7 (would be 8, but lag/hit detection in Wager lowers that)

Overall: 7.3/10

Definately not a 9. Not even close. If I liked Campaign, it might be a 7.5 - 7.7 That is still way off of 9.
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I would say 8.0 since the campaign and zombies are good, but multiplayer isn't very good. I mainly bought the game for zombies anyways though...
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i'd give this game a 5, 5 being average. if it was lag free, smooth framerates and all your bullets registered, then this game would easily be 9.

having to empty a whole clip because none of the bullets were registering to kill someone, then getting smoked by people who magically frame rate in out of nowhere is not fun.
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