Great Zombies Idea, Do you Support?

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I were watching this post, oh what a good idea? Then i suddently figured out that it couldn't work.

"pro" people with alot of upgrades wouldn't play with someone without any upgrades, they would leave immeadently.

But if it were possible to fix this, it would be epic
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NO!!! This is the WORST idea ever. This would RUIN the zombies idea. The whole reason why zombies was fun in W@W was because it was simple; You were in a house and you killed zombies. This will be too complicated and make zombies boring, just like MW2 got.
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yes amen to the idea of giving points to other players in need lol. great ideas by the way, but the idea of sharing points with other players needs to b put in this game, i mean how many times do u have a teammate die like high rounds and have to b respawned only to have no points to but perks or weapons and his teammates have so many points they dont know what to do wit themselves, also i think if you die you should b able to choose a strategic spawn location while in spectator mode, etc. for example, spawn next to juggernaut. and b able to upgrade monkey bombs, grenades, ect. be able to buy ammo for any packapunched gun from the packapunch machine for like 2500 points, since its like 5000 to packapunch it. the main reason i die every time is lack of ammo. also make the packapunch machine where u can pay like 20000 points and u can pull a lever on side of it and its like a giant waffle and zapps all the zombies n the map, and if there had to b a downside to that make it were u couldnt use the packapunch machine for like 5 mins or somethin.
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While this, without doubt is a great idea... I have to tell you, Call of Duty is not a zombie game. If zombies are to be put in it again, they should not overdo it. 1-3 maps, and no different leveling system nor customisation than that of the MP.

They can't focus on zombies in a war FPS, they could add it as a "bonus". But if they make too much out of it, it would just seem stupid. They should much rather concentrate on making the actual game and it's content good. Not let a bonus mode that doesn't even have anything to do with the game take all the glory.

Nazi Zombies was a fun "extra" in WaW. While I do hope they bring it back, I beg them to keep it as just that, a "fun extra". Simple and small.

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Awsome idea
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I only liked the idea of dragging your teamates to safty.

Need a PaP Ammo machine, 5k per full clip, 10k for double ammo, 20k for more than that would be awesom!
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good idea like it sounds like that would be fun
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Thank you.
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See i could see that going either ways, it could either be really good or really bad depending on how the apply it
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