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Great and Friendly Black Ops II Clan

Hey there fellow CoD players. Just recently, my friend and I began a Black Ops II elite clan: The_Mighty_Ducks. I know, the name might sound childish, but we are two MATURE, friendly guys who are looking to get our clan out there to the community. You don't have to be particularly amazing to be in this clan, but we are looking to play somewhat competitively once our numbers grow. That being said, we are definitely an objective-minded clan; we play mainly demolition and domination, but not exclusively. Here are just a few things you should know about The_Mighty_Ducks:

1) We are a friendly, respectful clan, with no racism, sexism, etc.

2) Our name is (obviously): The_Mighty_Ducks

3) Our clan tag is: MTYD

4) Again, we are objective-based players

5) We are looking for mature guys and girls about ages 13 and up

6) You don't have to be amazing to get in, especially in these early stages of the clan

7) As of now, tryouts are not required to get into the clan, just as long as we have your overall stats. (Although this might change once we get more competitive)

8) This is a PS3 clan!

9) All playstyles are accepted! From trickshotters to knife-only to hardscopers to SMG rushers. ALL ARE WELCOME!

We hope that you will consider applying for The_Mighty_Ducks. I'm sure we'd love to have you as part of the team. Definitely post on this discussion to give me feedback or just to say hi. I hope to fight alongside you in the front lines one day, but until then...

MightyDuck_Commander, signing off.

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