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So I was thinking, It would be really cool if we could have a playlist for every weapon type. Have a playlists that only lets you use a Bolt action, those should be medium to large maps. have one for Smg`s, small to medium maps, One for rifles, One for heavy, etc, etc. everyone can have their own desire, It would be very interesting and it would give nobody an excuse to talk crap. lol Just make it TDM matches. Or maybe just do it for the weekends or something?

If anyone has any good ideas concerning these ideas,reply back!!
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Good Idea
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yeah maybe thats a possibility in the modern warfare 2 cause i think thats not a bad idea
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My ideas was New Upgrade weaponsn maybe more then onces and have a new machine to fuse two guns together whatever you want to turn in too for a better weapons to kill in the game that be hundred different way of weapons u can make in too
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