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HC HQ Boosters

was by myself, decided to play some HC HQ, jumped into a match 60-0, jumped in on the winning team ( thankfully )

after hoping on to take the 2nd HQ, I looked at the player scores.

one person on the winning team had over 100 kills.. Ok.. np.

ALL Players on the Other team ? 0-50+

Yea.. they had 2 players split screen and looked like 2 separate other accounts,

the entire other team never moved. and there were 4 people running around killing.

dropping NAP's off the map.

I hit a couple bots, and the scoring was normal, so I decided to get a couple cheap headshots, and take some away from the boosters, though I only had time to get about 18 in as they team killed me once or twice, and I team killed them once or twice.

then the guy was pissed for me coming in and killing his guys.. .. I am just SOO Sorry.
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