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forget day/night changes. I'd pay just to have Array deleted from the game


that's where I get the majority of my shotgun kills.

Delete hanoi before Array!

Be gone Array
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Hanoi day, Nuketown night, summit night, firing range night would be a lot harder. The other maps i think it would just make them more prone to camping then everyone would cry about the maps changing.
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why does everyone love hanoi its terrible. id love to see summit or jungle as a nite time map

Look up "superlative" in a dictionary.

I love all the maps so far as they all have their own specific traits that play nice, depending on game type.

Anyone who complains about maps, is a weak gamer.

Any map that you dislike, you should spend the most amount of time playing on, so you LEARN the map.

Knowing the maps, and how best to play on each of them, is key to success across all maps.


I don't like to listen to the Rocket on Launch. I do not like the train on WMD. Do I do poorly while playing those maps? -no worse than any others. However, those two 'trait's alone will sway me to vote against the maps every single time. Not saying everyone else shouldn't adore the environment, and it was cool as hell the first 50 times I heard it -now it's like a Tennessee Mosquito. Sure, I could turn down my volume, but I don't want to -just as easy to vote the map and not have to put up with it at all.

The above has nothing to do with being a n00b -rather opinion.

Take a map like Cracked however, and I'd rather chew broken glass than play it because I'm horrible on it. I have played match after match, after match in both Combat training, and multi-player -it's gotten a lil better, but not much.

Some people do not like certain maps for reasons other than sucking at them.
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