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Well, I have call of duty 5 for PC. It's been working fine for the month I've had it. However, just this morning, I downloaded an update which flashed up when I opened the game. I'm not sure what it was for, but seriously you would think that updates make everything better. But, when I opened multiplayer the font was in much better definition (it wasn't as blurred as before) seeing this I thought that this was the update. Which of course it was. I then tried some gameplay. I joined a game and everything was in mch better definition in loading. I thought that it would be fantastic due to the update. However, when I started playing everything was super-slow. So slow in fact that I couldn't co-ordinate anything. I thought it must be the server, so I joined another, same problem. I have changed all the graphics options in the game to lowest, still the same slow gameplay. I have been trying all day to see if there was a change, unfortunatley there was none D:. So this update I got has improved the graphics but slowed down everything. So how can I change it back to what I had before, looking back that was ideal for me.
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