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Im looking for a few decent players that want to make a push into the 30's, 40's on all maps.

We can do easter eggs if you want im not too fussed. Just want to get a good game going with players that can hold their own and not rage quit if they go down, as this is now impossible in public lobbies. Im a good team player and never leave a man down!

Must be mature (no squeekers sorry), have a mic and NOT be a glitcher.

Leave your GT if your interested, thanks

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Strange posting on here again after all this time. lol

Anyway... I am down to play with you man. I am fed up with Black Ops 2 at the minute anyway, and I could do with ironing out a few of my Black Ops 1 leaderboards.

GT: DeathBringerZen

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This is my first post in here! Just dont want to get my @rse smacked from JeepChick posting in the other forum lol.

Sounds good dude. I should be on later tonight so ill fire you a FR. Are you American btw? I'm in Scotland so i live in the future

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I'll happily play with you if you still need players. My gamertag is Robinson41. I should be on any time after six. I live in the UK, by the way.

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