How many hours straight do you play multiplayer per day?

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My usual limit is around 2 hours in a row, but most days I get bored and don't get close to that.
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my record is 12 hours, but i usually play 3-4 hours average.
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BLOPS? Right now? 0

I've been playing a lot of the new mortal kombat instead. Not even multiplayer, I've been practicing offline. (I played 2 multiplayer matches against 2 scorpions in a row, trashed both of them, both rage quit, so I took a break from multiplayer...)

I've gotten pretty good, and have almost forgotten COD even existed. But I might go back every now and then.

Back when I played COD, depends. 2-3 hours, maybe.
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I don't even play every day, I've became more of a casual player when it comes to BO Multiplayer, due to my performance depending more on connection than skill. I do enjoy just playing a match without taking things too seriously though, but yeah couple of matches a week, or less.
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in reply to weird-guy
i play 8 to 10 hours a day
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Around 1 to 2.
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Depends on if friends are playing, what games I have out with Gamefly, and how much my last lag-ridden game on BlackOps pissed me off.

Usually one to two.
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Played it for the first time in weeks today. Was on for <30 minutes.
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Use to be around 5-6 hours.

That has dropped to 1-2 at the most and almost all of that are not even playing anything.
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I play 3 to 4 hours a day. This thread should be renamed to "Exposing Lowlifes"
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