How many hours straight do you play multiplayer per day?

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Solo: 2 - 3

Friends: 3 - 5
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Fantasmo wrote:


Solo: 2 - 3

Friends: 3 - 5

record time was 14 hours on a holiday...on weekends i play about 6-8hours...on weekdays usually i play from about 7pm - 2am per day...and yes i have a job and no i dont have a life at the moment bout how sleepy i usually be at my job everyday though
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30 min. - 2 hrs.

I could spend hours upon hours on end when playing Zombies with friends, though.
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My COD record is just about 20 hours strait. That was when W@W just came out. I took some adderall(My own prescription) every six hours and got to 1st prestige that day. Then I crashed for 12 hours and continued playing throughout the weekend. Man I was a nerd back then.

Now, in BO, My max had to be somewhere around 4-5 hours. I usually dont play for more then 2 hours though.
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I played from 3pm to 12am today. Had a decent-ish connection and was playing with friends all day. I normally play all day (if I'm not at University) when my friends are on; they give me a good laugh.

Semester 2 starts on Monday, so I'll be playing a lot less.
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Sometimes 12 to 16 hours a day. But my record would have to be around 25 hours straight.


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