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Sane Hedrone wrote:


I don't believe I've ever bumped this thread before?

Well, it needs some fresh air.

You my friend have defined a PERFECT Call of Duty game.

Agreed people? Give this man a pixel hand for writing down everything COD-Perfection Edition needs.
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To be honest I trust treyarch to make a more ballanced game than I trusted IW. They've fixed all of my complaints. I think the problem was that IW was far too busy trying to make the new setup for perks work to worry about things like weapon ballance. So maybe that won't suck this time around.

Good taste on the Bolt-Action rifle though. My only complaint is that in WaW Stoping power was required for it to kill in one shot. It should at least be as powerful as a shotgun.

The removal of SP is definatly something I agree with. Unless its fixed in some other way. It is truly as rediculous as juggernaght.

I dont agree however that nubetoobs need to be removed, even though I dont use them. They were farly well ballenced to any other attch. in MW2.
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I definitely agree with you on 80 to 90% of all that. I really like the idea about the nube toob takin up your secondary or a perk. Like in W@W. Nobody used it because nobody wahts to give up a perk. They did have way to much damage. I could literally snipe with the nube toob because the blast had to much radius.

I was also a big fan of the iron sighted bolt action rifles. Even if they have to make it an attatchment where you can remove the scope on sniper rifle I would be happy. It makes the game challenging. Plus I dont need 10x zoom on a gun. I want to be able to use it in close quarters. Besides for me it was just as easy to snipe someone with iron sights or a semi auto rifle in W@W.

I also belive that distance should be a factor in sniping. The farther away they are you have to aim higher. Have yyou ever gone deer hunting and noticed that when aiming at a spot 10 ft away and something 200 yrds away the bullet does not hit the same spot. Account for that Treyarch. Seriously.
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