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We must be like twins. Because i agree with every single point.

Half way though reading it I was wondering if you was living in my brain or something.

Amazing stuff. And let's hope the Devs do read it!

Also, people, don't quote the whole block of text. Please! jus' the few lines you need.

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Seriously, I want opinions and responses as to what I say. But seriously, don't quote the whole thing. Way to long.
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Yeah Totally agree with every word. Especially with the Harrier you get 4 kills with that harrier and a instant chopper gunner. To get a chopper gunner you should have 11 "Pure" ( as in pure as you have killed 11 times a in a row) 11 Pure kills, a cod:bo good killstreak system would be something similar to 3-5-7

Uav - 3

The counter uav - 4 ( I think very usefull)

Replacement for the predator an IBM Strike, same as the predator but no camera screen with a big red box saying HIT ME!, just like the old mortar system you target when someone shoots a unsilenced weapon a "red dot" on the screen. - 5

Please keep a sort of sentry gun if possible these are great for demolition very good defence gameplay - 5

A Precision Airstrike by a F-4 Phantom ( i've seen one at the start of the debut trailer, im assuming treyarch that's napalm) -6


A Standard Helicopter Huey or a Bell - 7

No Emergency airdrop as stated in original post

Napalm strike - 9 Something like and better than stealth bomber please, so it covers a certain area completely like in domination the flag B, the entire area.

11- Something like chopper gunner, im stumped on this one but no red box saying HIT ME!

or a SR-71 with a monitor with the battlefield with the old red dot system, not the red box system, and you target an area then a Mortar strike is there, or an Ibm, just like the ac-130 but 60's equivalent + 70 seconds in there.

15 - Stolen from CodeMajic, AI Soldiers possibly where you get extra men AI control to create a diversion who only have 2 lives or something like that. This could be a very handy killstreak,

Now I would like you to remove Nuke, but if you have to put it in, Please 30+ Kills to stop free for all boosters.

Mw2 was based around kills and killstreaks, me and the clan on cod4 or cod5 was all about getting the win, Mw2 all about getting that killstreak, the killstreak is to help you win the game not just there for fun.

Mw2 forgot about the true core foundations it's based on, team gameplay not just getting kills in a row and promoting camping.

So as said, you should 15 PURE Kills for that SR-71 or the AI soldiers.
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You could also nerf the noobtube by: making it not an 'insta' kill, so it would take 2 noob tubes to kill someone. This way you know where the tube has been shot from and kill the player while he is reloading. People need to give up the tier 2 perk to make it a possible 1 tube kill. And yeah if it takes up the first perk nobody will use it.

Glad treyarch listen to the community.

Srry for the shitty english but im dutch.
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A very well written and well thought out post, something these forums need so the new guys/gals can see how to actually make a good thread. I especially agree about Stopping Power and Juggernaut being taken out of the game ONLY of they are BOTH taken out.
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That post was so epic, I had to copy/paste it into Word, print it, and read it at lunch today.

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Sane Hedrone wrote:


Thats completely understandable.

Quite honestly, I don't expect most people to read the entire thread. Only the Devs.

I did and I agree on most aspects.
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Sane Hedrone wrote:



Seriously, I want opinions and responses as to what I say. But seriously, don't quote the whole thing. Way to long.

I read through the majority of it (i'll be honest, I skipped a couple sections). I agree with everything you've said. So much so, that I've really ran out of things to say that you haven't already covered. From Match-making, Kill Streaks, Weapons, the works. Pretty much hit the nail on the head IMO.

Hopefully Vahn can take this feedback and find something useful in it for Black Ops, as it nicely sums the majority of the concerns that many of us have after being disappointed with previous games.
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I would also like more modes maybe a "race mode" where you have to carry a flag through different checkpoints through out the map, like in Metal Gear Online.

I'm sure all of us will come up with more modes!
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I think they should take out one of the perk tiers, and only pistols as secondary weapons. I would like it if they made less levels also, because I don't want to take the time to go through another 70 levels. 60 levels would be perfect, but the same amount of guns or more. One attachment per gun would be nice, no bling, and if there is going to be noob tubes, nothing that will make them more powerful. No deathstreaks, accept for copycat, which everyone should get. Never should a player be rewarded for dying three times in a row. Make this game for us, not for money. I think treyarch has always been great with the community, and I like the company over IW. A lot of random stuff i said, I didn't really think it out, I just said what came up to my mind.
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