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kaizersosa wrote:


With all due respect I know Treyarch knows what makes a successful COD title... they've done it with WaW.

I'm sure they know how to, but I learned last November not to trust a company that did a good job once.

And, to be completely honest, W@W had shit spawns, overpowered Subs, overused STGs, underpowered bolt action rifles, really bad pistols, really bad MGs and a reletively bad matchmaking system.

I'm sure Treyarch is capable of a great game. But I can never be too sure. Infinityward made COD4 a fantastic game, but the sequel one of the worst games to ever hit the market.
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leadkills wrote:


What about second chance? That is the perk that actually required teamwork. IF you had team work you could dominate just by healing each other up.

Yeah like a search and destory mode but you can heal people that would be epic. Encourage teamwork etc. ( Apparntley mw2 was going to have this but ran out of time, going to be called " Die Hard" )
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epic post
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I read your ENTIRE thread dude! you rock, its like you are my voice and yes, i made an account just to tell you how great you are. one thing i wanted to say specifically is the noobtubes. they do suck and i would like them to be completely removed. if they nerfed them then then it wouldnt be bad, but they could make them the last thing you unlocked. they should definately remove commando and the killstreaks though. you rock, TREYARCH if your reading this PLEASE listen to this guy. HES A GENIUS!!!! i hope to God you will because i think you are 20000x smarter than infinity ward. listen to your fans, dont ignore them just to get noobs on your side. yes i know the money, but like this GENIUS said just match people to their own skill level and just watch, youll make an extrodinary amount from people telling their friends how much this game rocks! AND youll be more popular for longer. your fan base will expand, garunteeing more profit from the next game EVEN IF it totally flops(i.e. MW2) i know you will still have complaints most of which probably form the noobs (pardon my language) BITCHING about how much they are getting ownd since you listened to your fans, and this genius here. thank you for reading, TREYARCH if you read this comment please do what he says, most of it is amazing.
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I really hope Treyarch sees this thread! So many great ideas.
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Juggernaut, Stopping Power, Commando, Heartbeat Sensors? You fail, GTFO!
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Muzzle Climb and Recoil please!!!

I agree with removing commando, stopping power, and land stand

Very well put together post.

Treyarch please read it!!!!!!!!!!!
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Ive read the whole original post and a few pages of the thread and the changes I like from your original post would be.So im gunna say what I support and what I semi support but what to throw a twist on it.


-Bringing back customized sound (MW2 and combining all sound into one bar was LAME)

-Unscoped Bolt Actions (These were my favorite way to play W@W. So I disagree with the post you made about them being underpowered since they are not you just need to get used to them.)

-Bringing balence to weapons (SMGs and Shottys should dominate the close range, Rifles at a mid range but have the ability to take aimed pot shots if good enough, and Snipers where back to where they should be the long range kings. Also with snipers I hope they keep the good sways they had in W@W as opposed to the yawn fest sniping was in MW and MW2.)

Twists to Original and New Ideas

-Commando and Grenade Launchers(I belive that these where brought to a great balence in W@W by having them be unlocked and only for specific weapons also Launchers being balenced more by also taking up a perk ontop of that. Bayonets where the commando of W@W and it was only for bolt actions and the lvl 65 M4A1 and the screen hog of a weapon the Type 99 LMG. The grenade launchers also had a speed nerf on them where you had to place the grenade every time you where going to fire it as opposed to keeping one in back up.)

-Maps (I loved W@W because of the maps it had these maps where perfectly balenced in terms of the ability to use the weapons you felt most comfortable with take Downfall a map which had great opportunitys for Snipers and SMGs allowing you to remove yourself from the main battle as a sniper and hide on the edges or enter the fray by going into the middle to fight even tanks were on this map and you could defeat those or advoid them with alittle brain power. EVEN on Dome of all maps could you use a bolt action and do great IF you knew how to use the gun right. On MW2 the maps were very poorly done almost every map restricted you to a specific gun and the game did not feel as good because of poor maps.)

Making Weapons easier to use (The problem with MW2 was that almost every gun was to easy to use well it was like every gun had the power of the MP40 and the sway and recoil of the STG44 I loved weapons that were thought to be the underdog but in the proper hands had abilitys most did not see. I loved to use the M1 Garand with bayonet this weapon had a must heavier recoil and slower RPM then the rest of the guns but it had a solid stopping power that many see compared to the SVT or the Type 99 LMG which had the biggest screen blockage known to mankind but had a very smooth fire that coupled with the great ironsights compared to other MGs made it a great gun in the hands of those that did not mind the bulky look.These guns that required relative skill to use is what made W@W so fun.)

Tanks/Armored Vehicles (This feature was sorta love hate. It was great when used by those that knew how to use it, it allowed an extra little spice to the largest of the maps the tanks were not hard to advoid or to destroy all it took was knowing how to handle them which you can pick up by practice. Tanks only got to be annoying when the balance of tanks were shifted like games where all 4 are owned by one side which like any spice overpowered the rest of the creation.)

Stoping Power/Juggernaut (These perks do dominate the 2nd perk options but if you take both away the masses with pick another for the norm. The hate for these perks do not come from them being overpowered by themself but with the help of the gun its being used with. MP40 Juggernaut was what brought the hate for the perk since with stopping power the MP40 was a 2 shot and with juggernaut it was a 2 shot still which made it so combining it with the increased health made you very powerful in close quarters but its not as good with other weapons like snipers since it only really helps you take one extra bullet and thats not enough to normally get another shot off. Every perk has its own place within the classes it is just most are used for different operations. you would not wank to go into a open field fire fight with cammo on because its supposed to be used in stealth classes for flanking. same with Stopping power you dont want to try getting behind the opponate when your a big glowing red dot.)

Somthing also that I would like to see done that you did not adress but I dont blame you for forgeting about it would be that I would like to see if Bolt Actions are returned that that god damn double fire glitch that happens when you fire your rifle as you get shot happen and make your bullet do nothing but waste your time.

Well thats most of it off the top of my head I belive.


Bah looking back I remembered a few more things those being.

Killstreaks (In MW2 these things totally screwed up the reason they where put added in the first place. To make it so they could be UNIQUE somthing that never happened since killstreaks in that game have CLEAR winners compared to others. I think that these should be scaled back to the point where they are different killstreaks but none go past getting complete game changers killstreaks are suppost to award your skill by giving you small abilities that can help change the outcome of a small battle within the big 10 minute war your in but it should not do anything other then that.)

Spawning (The whole problem with spawning is the fact that it will never really be fixed MW2 threw you pretty much back into the same place you died and was a total flop. W@W tried to fix its spawns by placing you outside of the major combat on large maps but it could not fix it on smaller maps because players move all about.)
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Dude, your the best!

And Vahn replied, this is awesome!

I agree with everything except the removal of Stopping Power and Juggernaut.

If they're both in, they both balance eachother out, or did I miss something?
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Obliviate96 wrote:


Dude, your the best!

And Vahn replied, this is awesome!

I agree with everything except the removal of Stopping Power and Juggernaut.

If they're both in, they both balance eachother out, or did I miss something?

Thank you.

I understand the balance between stopping power and juggernaut, and if one must be in the game, the other should either. They are both two sides of the same coin. Either take out the coin completely, or keep the whole thing in.

I personally think the coin should just be removed. Stopping power becomes a nessecity for snipers, while juggernaut makes snipers useless. Stopping power also promotes more defensive play, in the sense that it makes weapons easier to use, resulting a faster TTK, and thus rewarding less skill.
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