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this needs a bump
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Answer to Sane Hedrone.


Either way, we want good connections.[...] Do you really want a game that rewards whoever has the fastest connection?

Great post, but if I had to cut it to one point here it would be. Why do I join a game where I'm the only one with 1RedBar connection, while all others have 4GreenBars, and why am I made the host when every one has the 1RedBar connection? Get me out of here please! I want to play with no lag, I don't mind waiting for this.

Here is what ruins my COD's MP experience.

Fair and balanced gameplay

Skill based matchmaking.[...] I either decimate the other team with a landslide victory, or my team loses in a landslide victory for the other team.

I tend to disagree, I like to join games where I get owned badly, as it's where I learn the good stuff.

Local Search/Social preferences

I don't care.


I don't care.

Playlist options

I don't care.


I feel this needs to be implemented into this game. I can't stress this enough.

Yes, yes, yes.

Overall Weapon (+attachments) Balance

Yes to ALL points here, except...

Grenade Launchers

[...] Honestly, they ruin the game. The biggest make or break of Black Ops for me will be if noob tubes are allowed to be spammed to the degree of with which they are in MW2, or any degree at all for that matter.

I do realize tubing is noobbish, but I still like it, maybe a special TDM mode??? Maybe not... Maybe just remove it, but that simply means failure to balance it.

Ur Option 3 is on the way, here's my idea of a fair option =>

noobtube x2 rounds = secondary weapon slot and ALL equipments loss.

It seems a good deal to me because I expect at least 2 kills from all my equipments, and I expect at least 2 kills from my 2 tube rounds. I don't expect much kills from my secondary, so I don't mind giving it away for the tube...

Resupplying it is the key for tube spamming, and players complaining.

If u ever can resupply +1 round, then u should have a 50/50 chance of dying while trying to do so, cause this +1 round means a potential +1 kill for u (maybe more)...

Death to Danger Close, or at least it shouldn't work with tubes.

My idea of balance is that what brings me +1 kill chance should cost me a +1 death chance, or remove a +1 kill chance item from my payload, period.

Perks and Deathstreaks

Yes to ALL ur points here.

Killstreak Rewards

[...] killstreak rewards need to be small rewards. Not game changers. [...]

Yes, yes, yes.

Care packages/Emergency Airdrops

Need to go. Period.

I tend to disagree, randomness is here in war, why wouldn't it be here in war games, a bit, if like mentioned just above kill streaks are not "game changers", then airdropped crates are fine.

[...]In SND, someone who gets an ac-130 in a care package just won an entire round for his team, without actually getting 11 kills in a row. Care packages need to go flat out. Of S&D and all "respawn off" modes => Yes.

Emergency airdrops aren't as bad, but again, they randomize the game. [...] I've seen people have airdrops that have been sent by god himself. Pavelow, harrier, harrier, ac-130. For an 8 killstreak. Thats far beyond fair.

The only people that like care packages and E-drops are the ones that can't play the game, so they need their asses wiped for them. Just remove them. Its easy.

I'll show U if I can't play the game!!! I like rewards, and presents from God, just don't reward my 8 miserable kills with 2 Chopper Gunners, 1 Stealth Bomber, and 1 EMP, cause even if it's far beyond fair, who wouldn't use 'em all?

Also, it's a fun opportunity for a nearby player to run near the enemy's Airdrop-red-smoke-marker (as one can hear it), clean the guy, collect the best crates, put a Claymore behind the ammo crate and disappear. I also love when big fights starts for an AC130 crate, it's a sudden little objective fight in any other game type and it's plain fun. I also wish it was just a bit easier to shoot down crate delivery vehicles.

KS reward kills

[...]A 7 killstreak can turn into a nuke. I have at times, only gotten 7 kills with my gun, and just sat in a corner for the rest of the game, and I got a nuke. Thats not the way a game should be played.[...]

Yes, this is absurd.

User preferences

One of the biggest selling points for a video game is how well a player can customize their experience, options wise as well.

Is that why MW2 sold so much copies?

Custom controls

This is something I feel every console game should have. [...]

One day they will, for now I just want the knife to need R3 AND L3 SIMULTANEOUS PRESSURE to avoid so many humiliating deaths to all of us for knifing the air under stress...

If I can't have that by default, then custom controls should allow COMBO OF 2 BUTTONS for knifing at least. Please, please, OMG, please. How many more deaths because of this do we have to endure?

HUD options

Would be cool but I don't care.

Sound options

[...]But yes, I want to be able to fully customize how I hear the game.[...]

About the footsteps I'm not too sure, it's just a game sound to me... Yes, Yes, Yes and Yes for player comms, game voice, game music, and game sounds customizable independently of each other.

HOW? OMG, HOW can someone who played a online MP FPS at least once think this is not important?


Visual options

I don't care.


These are more or less things I would personally like to see because I think its cool.

Bolt Action Rifles

Ur post is so awesome they should make a special copy of the game with those bolt action rifles just for u, no-one else, 1 hit kill of course...

Accurate in game stats

All true, I'd love guns to reflect real guns stats, but this goes against weapon balance, as some weapons ARE much better weapons than others, then u'd have everyone using the same AR...

Accurate killcams

The killcams in this game have a tendency to lie. an accurate killcam would be appreciated.

True, but no big deal for me.

Saved killcams

I don't care.

Please understand where I write "I don't care"; I still agree.

I just mean other things are WAAAAY more important and urgent to fix, like ur 1st point, which will decide me to buy the game or not, as 1RedBar connection should never happen to no-one.

Since I doubt they'll be able to fix all ur points, I pointed the things that I think shouldn't be missed, now I'll cross my fingers.

Bravo for ur post generally, I wish U were working in Treyarch, although they probably knew about most of those problems before...

Still, now they also know how
HUGE and how recurrent are some of the community expectations...
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the only thing i dont agree with is removing both stopping power and jug, jug yes but if stopping power is removed everyone will use camo and uav and air support will be pointless
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Perfect, just perfect =]
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We have to have the devs see this.
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100% with you i Love the idea of skill base matching hope they read this

Because if they do even half of this this will be the greatest cod game to date
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oh my text-galore!, but you have some very good points...i hope they dont screw this up *looks up to the heavens*
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On the kill streaks part i fell that a great idea is to make team kill streaks, so say if one team had a 15 point lead then the would obtain an attack helicoppter. Cause this would make players want to play the objective instead of just camp
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