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I agree with all your points on matchmaking and weapon balance and options for sound and visuals. I however have to disagree with you on removing the noob tube and last stand, ect. They may be annoying but they add options to the game. I think they need to be tweeked (no Last Stand frames of immunity, no resupply of tubes) but they are not that terrible that they need to be axed completely.
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Great post. However, I feel Stopping Power and Juggernaut should stay, or atleast have a bigger variety in Perk 2. Otherwise, we'd all be using Cold Blooded/Danger Close, etc. If there's a good variety of perks for the perk 2 slot, by all means, get rid of Stopping Power and Juggs.
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Brilliant post. I really would like them to remove sp.
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Nice read and fully agree with you
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they need to make shotguns a primary wepon again, and bring back dedicated servers, and killstreaks should not add up to other killstreaks (by killing ppl, of course)
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I totally agree with everything you said there!


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What a awesome wall of text ;P

I agree =)
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I totally agree with everything you included in that list, I hope they listen to you!
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totally agree with the SP, and JUGG section. all the rest is good aswell.
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