I'd like to game with more mature players.

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I'd like to game with more mature players.

I think we can all agree that there are a lot of players online that are very offensive and extremely rude. Especially, to the people who play to have fun and maybe make friends. It gets rough.

I am a female player and I recieve a lot of hate for absolutely no reason. I played Black Ops 2 a lot a few months ago, but I got a life and stopped playing for a while. Just today, I decided to try playing again, and honestly, I sucked. I used to be really good. But I just wanted to play a few games, and maybe warm myself up to the game again.

But I am very discouraged about the other people who play this game. I hear some mature and fun players. But a majority of the time, I hear a lot of negativity. People would pick on me for being a female. They would make fun of my voice, and even accuse me of sexual things that have absolutely nothing to do with the game.

My only option for this is to report players for their offensive behavior. Sometimes, I am even harassed by those players. But, I feel like something more could be done about the problem, because even after reporting them, nothing changes. I'm not even a person to usually care about what people say. But I just heard about someone killing themself over the bullying on a video game. How ridiculous is that?

I don't think I am the only one out there who wants to have a fun environment to play online games. And, I may recieve some negative feedback about this post, but I really don't care. I believe this game should be fun for EVERYONE, and people should never have to be picked on for just playing the game.

The whole purpose of my little rant is that I really hope people can see how their immaturity hurts others and maybe, but very unlikely, they will make this game fun. I also hope to meet other players of this game who would like to have mature and fun game time and maybe find more people to game with. If there is anyone who feels the same, I'd really enjoy gaming with you.

If you don't like my post, that's fine. This is my first time posting to a forum, and I just wanted to get a word out there that I would like to see this game become more mature and fun for everyone who plays. And if anyone knows of any ways I can address this situation further, I'd be more than happy to hear it.

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Re: I'd like to game with more mature players.

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Yeah it sucks. It's not just towards girls - people act behind a mask of animosity when they are talking through a headset. Even kids no older than double figures become abusive.  

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Re: I'd like to game with more mature players.

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I've acquired some awesome friends on my list consisting of males and females who are all respectful, mature, and enjoy the hell out of BO1 and BO2.  That's been my key to addressing negativity.  I'm 35 and I am picky about who I play with because frankly I've been spoiled by playing with awesome people that I have met over time.

Personally, I love BO1 multiplayer but not so much BO2.  Most of my friends and I are zombies fanatics.  BO1, BO2....doesn't matter.  We love em all.  But we also play multiplayer when we need a break from zombies.

I sympathize with your situation.  Feel free to send me a friend request if you like, GT: LORD GRRR, and I can introduce you to some top notch players, including other females that have dealt with the same experience you've described.  Just send me a message letting me know it's you from the BO1 forum so I don't discard it thinking you're a random stranger.

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