I thought I would never say this!

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I thought I would never say this!

I my self can be classified as a camper.  But i dont just sit in one corner the entire game.  I move around here and there from building to building from cover to cover.  I always here people say that if you sit in one spot long enough with out moving you should show up on the radar with every passing pin or what ever you want to call it or something should happen if you sit in one spot and dont move.

I used to be against that and thought how dumb that was and what not.  But after what I went through tonight on TDM I am crossing the bridge to the other side and agreeing with these people.  TDM is nothing but Silenced M27's with thermal scopes watching a long part of the map staring down the scope for the entire match.  I played about 10 games and every game had 4 or more m27's all with the same 2 attachments not moving  staring down the hall way.  I tried every tactic to try and flank, bomb, concussion and to no avail.  With more then half the team using them, I couldn't compete.  I constantly got mowed down from 100yds or more away with 2-4 bullets.  I only wish when I used the M27 that i could kill within that amount of bullets. 

Something has to be done in future title to get rid of this.  Anything!!!!  I will never play TDM again...EVER!!

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Re: I thought I would never say this!

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Hello thebigmac316,

I understand what you feel about this scenario because I've been into this same situation. We just have the same gaming style. But this one's inevitable because it's the game style that they wanted and we can't change the way they want it.

But this is actually a good feedback, though. Just a friendly tip, take the sides.

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