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People forget Vietnam. That war was worthless. Go back to Modern Warfare but put more guns in it. My brother and I made a huge list of guns that should be added. Also yes please we need splitscreen online! My bro and I are dying to play a good game like Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare online together.

I would like to see all of the old guns but these added.

taking place in present day. ex another modern warfare.



G36(not carbine)


AMT Auto mag V

Lower caliber desert eagles(ex. .375magnum)

And any other guns i couldnt think of

Also selective fire on all of the guns that have it.

More pistols and pistol challenges

Also that dumb holding 2 weapons thing (not overkill, but like holding 2 weapons at the same time.); dont do that, that is the dumbest thing i have ever heard.

multi attatchments.

If they had these thing there is no way any game could out pass it

Can't wait for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2!

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I think they should add more game types, such as more specific to a wepon class, like a game more along sneaking for snipers(like real day sniper use in stead of the run in and shoot all you want).

oh and also work on the spawns because their really bad, i mean in free for all most of the time 1 in 5 of my deaths are i spawn and die in lest than 2 seconds.
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Yes, next CoD is Modern Warfare 2 but what I want to know is will it continue from CoD4 since it's Modern Warfare 2? Al Asad and and the one arm guy dude Zachauve or whatever are dead. Even if it follows different people I hope we get to find out what happens to Soap and Cpt.Price since those are the only 2 that weren't officially dead at the end of CoD4
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i agree modern would be best cause they've done enough old stuff Vietnam would kill it and the gov has let a lot of insane sht out of classified that they could use.


they fck up in cod 4 wen they did small maps no vehicles, and guns aren't upgradeable enough half the sights in campain werent in live and theres not 1 map where u actually need night vision.

-snipers silenced. only some and the higher powered ones should zoom further

-workin bipods for snipers and l.m.g.

i think the story should be similar to the Iraq war but not in detail caze that would be obscene. it could have u.s. military in Iraq and Britain in Russia or Vietnam (for those fun woodlen matches).soap could be a captain with a squad that u control similar too conflict desert storm.the American person shood start out as a private and gain rank and be able to customize weapons so people without live can get a taste, his rank during a level could effect the way the level and game plays out.
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adrifing wrote:


i dont care what its called aslong as treyarch dont have anything to do with it i will be interested

same here man treyarch sucks
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PS THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS COD5, CoD WaW is an edition of CoD or Call of Duty 1.

Anyways, the next cod should be CoD4 MW2 or Call of Duty 4 Modern Warfare 2. There are too many copies of World at War but if infinity wards or treyech will save mw2 for later, than vietnam it is.

PS THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS COD5, CoD WaW is an edition of CoD or Call of Duty 1.
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cod6: vietnam is good....if they ever go back to modern, make it future....dont go back to ww2....and what do you think about ww1? just a thought... but a good suggestion for future call of duty's might be like: all fighter craft(air) or all sea(battleship)
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best idea is cod: The Trenches a ww1 game. Next is CoD:vietnam
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vietnam would be amazing, I know that they'd do a good job on it. Only problem is that there aren't many weapons to chose from, and the technology wouldn't be too much different, and I doubt the maps would be any good
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Pixel Injury means witch place on body you've been shooted, from that pixel apears the texture with blood.

More interactive.(destroy more; walls trees ect.)

If you found out that stiupid glitch on downfall you'll see there is a water out there, so the engine of Cod already have swiming(your character makes swimming moves) Why woun't use it in the game and make the lakes or rivers where you must dive to get to the otherside of the shore (can't shoot in the water only knife).

Use diferent lighting on the maps; Day/night with interactive lights like lamps (shoot thtem down to gettin darker).

Make diferen kind's of terrain like jungle deepgrass mountains forest to make the game more tactical.

Show the gamertag above the heads only from your teammates(Besides I'm not a camper but becouse of your gamer tag you are visible. For Example; you go sometime throught the grass or behind a fence and there is gamertag above your head and the guy from the other team is seeing you). That it's for now.
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