Is There a List of "Prefered Players"?

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Is There a List of "Prefered Players"?

For 3 years now in Core Free For All things have seemed pretty smooth and generally fair. (NOT TO BRAG BUT) I have rarely even been beaten, and this became so obvious that I've stopped playing after about 30-35 matches. Played at my house, 3 different friends houses with various types of connections, and even took myself out of the equation and got my friends to do the same when I bark orders at them. This is not a lie I've had friends break their own records and/or finally achieve killstreaks this way. Occasionally I pop in to see if it's still this way, still is. But in Core Team Deathmatch, there is a clear obvious list of players that Activision blatantly will not allow me to kill with my gun, knife, or slow with my flashbang. Their gernades effectiveness seems one sided also. In every scenario they are clearly being allowed to run 1-4 seconds ahead of the actual gameplay on my and all of my teammates consoles, giving them an insanely unfair advantage. (In many, many, cases literally unkillable - every match - all night - every night!  This happens regardless of who is hosting or who has provided the network with the strongest signal. Worse yet, unless I disable the DLC by deleting from the drive, or joining a friend without the DLC, I CAN NOT ESCAPE THESE PLAYERS! In three years I've been top or MVP of Core TDM lobbies many, many times in the past. But not once with DLC active! Am I being harassed or "unofficially" banned? They are clearly mostly bullet-proof, and have to be stabbed 3 times, and are at the top of the lobby because of this every night, never removed even months later for cheating! I've added several to my Blocked List to see. Unless I take the steps mentioned above, every lobby will have at least 1-3 of those players in it, and I only get a choice of 3-5 lobbies - ALL PRE LOADED WITH THE BULLET PROOF PLAYERS! (even though there are apparently 24,000 or so other people online)

Running: Black Ops Downloaded to Drive, using properly setup and port forwarded router capable of 1000T BASE (Full gig wired) on a $50 a month internet service that has been tested (several times) and works superb, and I'm usually the only one on the network. So if this is a "signal" issue, which it is carelessly obviously is not, it wouldn't be from my end. It seemed  to reach the peak of this epic fail rate after the Black Ops servers came back on line around a month or so ago. What gives?

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