Knifing Range Varies..

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Idk if others have had this problem but when I knife someone in the back, I can be a few feet away and hit, but when they are facing me point blank face to face the knife freakin misses??! Like wth I mean is this lag or knife range issues anyone else notice it?
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The knifing in Cod games is just always stupid and inconsistent. I hardly ever knife, unless im behind the guy. And ive still had it just whiff on someone who is sitting still and they just turn around and shoot me.

I think if you are shooting someone in front of you (and hitting your shots) then they should not be able to knife at all. Cuz honestly, if someone is getting shot at (and hit), their first instinct shouldn't be, well good thing i got my knife to counter these bullets.

Its not as gamebreaking as it was in mw2, but i still hate the knife in Cod games.
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