Last Stats Update: April 28? What gives?

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My stats dont show at all anymore, just an empty green box. Im not familiar with the stats updating on this site though so i dont know if it normaly goes blank for a while. I have been waiting for them to update since 29th'ish April like everybody else i think. Hmm, guess we'll just have to keep waiting.
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It seems that the lag can be anywhere from a couple of days up to (God forbid) a month. Unfortunately, this does harm the experience. Not to mention, I was hoping to get some more weapon missions done, but my stats say I haven't killed a single person with the M1 Garand when I completed three weapon challenges this morning.

Just something we have to deal with, sadly. It seems neither IW nor Treyarch are up on keeping stats constantly updated (in the case of IW, no stats at all despite promises).

I'd say if you're that disgruntled to write a polite letter to the actual company known as Treyarch. Anyone who is going through the frustration should do as such just to show it isn't an isolated incident. I would, if I cared all that much. The only thing the lag in stats is doing for me is keeping me from filling my ribbon rack.


Maybe this is only happening to people that play the DS!?

Nope, I have a DS Lite, yet I get this problem... maybe the DS servers are down?
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PANTINE : It wont happen over night! But it will happen!
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Mine still thinks I'm 9th prestige, when I've been 10/65 for a week lol
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