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imo lean just promotes camping and nobody likes a camper
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AmBrew wrote:


imo lean just promotes camping and nobody likes a camper

Yes and No; leaning can have a huge tactical advantage, hey would you rather stick your whole body out, or just ur head instead?

The reason, most of the time, prone and lean are taken out is because consoles tend to put out smaller resolutions; so on a smaller TV/Screen the pixelation makes it hard to see just one portion of an enemies body.
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this game not enough tactical for having lean. Q and E key better works for equipment and grenades.

so i will not missing this feature in BO.
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yea they have to bring back the Lean

its not unbalanced its just a way to look across the wall with only your head and not your whole body.

and whats the problem the enemy can see you when you lean so there is nothing rong with it Smiley Frustrated
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Thought I would revive this thread sense I find it an important issue. Show your support!
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Im420Man wrote:


I don't remember what you're talking about at all. In COD 1, every time I leaned around a corner my body followed, and if the enemy did I could see them. Not sure if you have your facts straight on this one.


Its true man. There were more bugs with the player cam and the body. Prone on a short wall and back up u can see and shoot over the wall but your body is behind it. Let me find some proof. Heres a thread on another forum about it www.iwnation.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=26739 Now thos guys talk about the left lean and what there calling vertical glitch is what i said above. U dont have to stand. Just back up enough right before u fall off the wall or small vertical opject(car bumpers, sandbags, windows). Your body will be behind it but your first person view is not. You can shoot people and can not be shot. www.purepwnage.com/forums/lofiversion/index.php/t6458.html scroll down and read what Aboot said. www.thadpg.com/forums/showthread.php?t=7662&p=78622#post78622 read the first post. "Left Lean was the biggest known glitch of vCoD" Enough facts? So this glitch is real.... If u never knew about it then your really bad lol. I wonder what else u don't know about.
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thats what i thought
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OMG, I didn't know about that so I must be "really bad". Don't come at me sideways, I was 1337 at COD1 and UO. So what... the 1st person perspective was off and people abuse glitches <-- this isn't earth shattering sh!t. The cam is off in MW2 as well.

Bottom line where do you want the first person CAM, between the eyes? At that point when you add lean, the camera should stay there... correct?

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BigT232 wrote:


Thought I would revive this thread sense I find it an important issue. Show your support!

I'm down with the lean -- would be sweet to have it.
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Lean is a very important feature in the competitive scene, and everyone leans out in real life when trying to peek around a corner. This is a definite must have in any FPS game.

-It worked well in COD4 when it was fixed.
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