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Yes Lean all the way. Saying it is unbalanced is like saying war is balanced. Was it balanced when the Germans and Soviet Union invaded Poland to start WW2? Not at all. Leaning is part of war. If people have a problem with that so be it.
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Good point leaning makes more sense then running around silent "ninja aka nubja", falling from any height "commando", or a lot of perks. Just bring back a normal function that humans do.......LEANING!
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I think we all know why lean was missing in MW2. They made MW2 off of the code base for CoD4 console and they couldn't be bothered doing a proper port job for the PC version. Since Treyarch actually cares we're probably going to see lean.
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Just balance the damn game for lean (period)
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lean is rather overrated it would be nice to have but if it's left out then so be it
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BigT232 wrote:


In every other past Call of Duty other than MW2 you used Q and E to lean. It works perfectly and nobody had a problem with it before.

Well well this is true be let me give u guys a history lesson in cod lean!! Back in vCod or the first cod which was a great game. IT had bugs. One of the bugs was with left lean. The avatar was not in sync with the players first person view. So if u got a perfect left lean u could shoot around a wall but the guy u where shooting at could not see u! This bug was in cod 2 but fixed in cod2 after people freaked out at how dumb iw was!!! So lean has had its problems. But i want it and really it needs to be in the game. If its not in the game it will piss a lot of people off. People can say lean doesn't even help. There dumb and thats all i have to say about that.
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I don't remember what you're talking about at all. In COD 1, every time I leaned around a corner my body followed, and if the enemy did I could see them. Not sure if you have your facts straight on this one.

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I have played all past CoD's that were on PC. vCod was my first PC game with my gaming comp back in the day. When I noticed that lean was out in MW2 it bugged me a lot at first and I was used to it. When I go back to play the older CoD's and lean is in I do use it, so I would very much enjoy it back. I think that after the whole MW2 fiasco we have learned that the majority of the PC community enjoys lean, dedicated server, and Mod Tools. Show your support
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Would be nice to have lean back, but it's not that high on my list of priorities.
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Buschie wrote:


Just balance the damn game for lean (period)

Balance for lean? That's what IW said and to be honest am not sure what it even means. It should definitely be in the game.
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