Let us stay in Party Chat!

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Please, dont force us into Game Chat to promote "team bonding". On MW2, you have no choice, except for those rare game types. When I sold MW2 and started playing WaW again, it was nice to play Search while i was talking to my friends in my party that still thought MW2 was the best game ever. I just love not being forced to go into game chat, especially by a company that cant hold their own team together. (Well i guess that was activision's fault...)
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First suggestion post on this forum that I agree with!

Well done!
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I really agree with this.

the king wrote:


First suggestion post on this forum that I agree with!

Well done!

I guess you don't want a step towards balance, dedicated server, etc.
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Agree. It annoying to after going in a party you still have to go into private chat because MW2 doesn't allow party chat
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Any game that disable's chat during gameplay (S&D / Sabotage Overtime) should not permit Party Chat. All others it should be open for.

I think the countless threads on this subject have determined that the majority of the community agree with this position and I would be highly surprised to see Treyarch do anything different then this.
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Since now they will probably not have Tactical Insertions, they will let us stay in Party Chat.
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minus any game that your dead teammate can communicate with you and I'm fine with it.
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