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Hi, i am looking for an Xbox 360 CoD WaW clan. I play CoD for fun and serious and i am on or about 2-3 hours a day. I enjoy most game types (NOT S&D) Thankyou for reding, regards.
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Well here you go. WE are very active and you would fit in great. Come check us out:

Dogs of War is an established clan with very active members, we are ranked in the top 10 of the Top 100 Clans from around the World and are always looking for fun players. We believe that a community for gamers wanting to have fun is what it’s about. We do not care all about the stats, as long as you’re having fun. We are developing Gamebattle teams for the more serious player, and we have interclan matches, and contest for the guys just having fun.

We also have a live chat box, so you can talk to people in real time. This allows for quick advice, or just an opportunity to talk about anything.


1. Come to have fun

2. Converse with players from all over the world

3. Respect everyone at all times

4. Build friendships and play online when you can

Our site is free with no dues, and we never ask for donations. Register at site, then fill out app, and add me as your contact. You will be accepted.



Wizzanator34 (DoW) Dogs of War Beta

Or just PM me with any questions and I would be happy to answer them.
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Hi mate,

Adrenalin are a Casual friendly clan, we play for fun but we play to win. We currently have a round 75 members are growing fast.

If your looking for a fun/friendly place to meet other gamers and hook up online this is the place.


Hope to see you there
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*IA* (Infamous Assassins) is a PS3 and Xbox 360 clan, currently with members from the UK, US, and Canada. We focus mainly on WaW right now, but will move to MW2 soon! We like to have battles with other clans and with each other at least once a week. We are also very relaxed because we know that it's not all about skill, teamwork is much more important! We do, however, have some of the best CoD players there are. So come and sign up at www.clan-infamous.com!

The ONLY requirements are that you must have a mic.

When you sign up, just make sure to put CodFather as your recruiter!
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Check us out at the Infamous Assassins, we are a small clan, based on teamwork and capability. We have a lot of fun playing a game we love. So? check us out at our site www.clan-infamous.com and try us out. Tell 'em Jake sent ya.
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Join the SAS. We're new and our expectations are high. See whether you have what it takes.

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