Looking For a Clan. KD - 3.12

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Im looking for a good clan that is able to hold there own.
I've tried joining a few that claimed they were "good" but online I was the one who had to cary the whole team, it gets annoying.
I don't care if you're not the greatest of players, as long as you're decent & can win.
My K.D is 3.12, My WL is 1.52 (mostly played solo)
I play everything but i mostly play TDM, DOM, HQ, Ground War, and S&D.
I CANT stand Capture the flag so if thats all you play sorry but i won't.
If you're interested in letting me join your clan leave me your psn name so i can message you if interested. Thank You.

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My Psn is DB_Shots add me and you can check us out. theres only 4 members so far, we arent bad. last night we were on a 28 game win streak.

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add me lsuarez24 i know what u mean im tired of playing with randomly awful players/campers

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MY PSN: MR_BaNKsHoTs i think you would b awesome with our clan(WLTD) which is We Live To Destroy my KD is 3.12 too i think lol and if u rush u would b perfect for this clan cuz thts all wat most of us do and if u wanna kno last time i checked which was yesterday i was ranked 19th in Search and Destroy without hacking lol LIKE A BOSSSS haha My Score Per Minute Was: 1125.00 lol

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