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They still have 6 months or so to work on it so of course things are going to be changed
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Ok guys, here's honesty!

That was not a GAMEPLAY TRAILER!! That was more like a FULL LENGTH TEASER.

They gave you more of the main character, and concept video of WHATS TO COME!!

Only way to know what to expect is by sitting back and relaxing a few months, kinda like 7!

I speak in my own personal opinion; No Call of Duty has EVER been a let down!

Also, graphics always improve! Even the gaming engine is tweaked a bit. IMHO, the engine is fine, it was the lack of a Beta testing that hurt the mutiplayer side, BUT NO EFFECTS TO STORY MODE.
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MaTtKs wrote:


Treyarch has plenty of time to polish that baby up.

It's a mod Holy crap lol jp
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this is the oldest thread :clan:
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Maybe the trailer was put together quickly or it was a really early version?
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