Major Problem With Hackers

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Major Problem With Hackers

Hi Activision,

I wish to inform you of a very serious problem with Hackers/Boosters in Call Of Duty: Black Ops on PS3. I have also found some information on how they may be doing the hacks on Call Of Duty Black Ops and possibly other Call Of Duty titles.

I do realize that this game is a slightly older Call Of Duty game but the servers are still running and should have this problem fixed for those who still wish to play the game.

The reason why I have been doing a large amount of research into this matter is because a good 95% of lobby's have at least one Hacker/Booster or more. Tonight I was playing Call Of Duty Black Ops and I think I found about 10 hacked accounts in about an hour of play this is a pretty normal night for me.

I have a suggestion I wish to make on how to find the Hackers/Boosters so they can be removed from the Call Of Duty games and how they may be doing the hacks below.


Have every players account reviewed to see if any possible signs of Hacking/Boosting has taken place or if any players stats look suspicious.

I have found must hacked accounts will have one or more of the following:

  • 10,000,000,000XP+ Max Score in a Single Round.
  • Being  15 Prestige with a total play time ranging anything from about 2 days to as low as 5 hours  and if you work out the amount of XP required to get to 15 Prestige its approximately 18,000,000XP and I worked out they would need to be getting at least 500XP a second or 30,0000XP a minute to get to 15 Prestige in say 10 hours which is completely impossible.
  • COD Points Exceeding well over 20,000,000,000 players who play legit and have played for more than a total of 100 days had only about 70,000,000(can’t quite remember but it was considerably less).
  • 15 Prestige and have only played about 50 to 300 rounds in total which means they would have to be getting even more XP every minute than above which is even more Impossible.

Please note that some accounts at 14 Prestige will also have the same signs but they are not as common.

There also may be more signs of hacking such as using Aimbots,Wallhacks, etc but I have no way of really knowing whether they are being used.

The Hack:

Please watch this video on YouTube it explains how to do one of hacks and the one I think most people may be doing. There is also a unlimited Mortar Team hack that is going round I have already seen it 3 times and I believe it may be getting done the same way.  I started to do it to see if it will work and if it did so I could report it and unfortunately it does. I don’t completely understand how this works or why so hopefully you will be able to find an answer to this and be able to fix it.  Please also read the full video description for what is needed.

The Video:

Note: I did not record this video or own the right to it. Please excuse with my apologies for any swearing or other possible talking that may be in this video.

Please review this Hacking/Boosting problem it may be happening on other titles also and these people should be stopped ASAP so people can enjoy the game once again.

Thank-You for looking into this matter.


Aaron Linder

PSN: AaronLinder

If anyone thinks that this is true and sholud be review please sign on this forum so that Activision may do something about it.

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Re: Major Problem With Hackers

in reply to AaronLinder

I have noticed this too, although I'm finding it is more common with p14 lvl 50 -perhaps they thought that would fly under the radar. I report any that I am certain of. It seems to mostly be Saudi players because they have KSA in their user names (and someone from Kuwait told me that someone there has a programme), and because most of them wear a headset and start shouting Hello as soon as they join the lobby it seems that most of them are about 12 and shouldn't even be on the game; not to mention that it is about 3 am in Saudi when they are playing!

I suspect that there may also be a hack that enables doubling up on perks - having seen invincible ghosts (I shot one in the chest at point blank range with a sniper rifle) or people in flak jackets that move unbelievably quickly.

I've only seen the mortars once, as it WAS only once I thought it might have been a glitch but you say it's a hack and I believe you.

I absolutely HATE people who cheat. I don't get it, what's the point of pretending you have achieved a rank if you haven't, you only look stupid when your game play doesn't match it. And using cheats to give you an unfair advantage -  well how can you enjoy your win when you know you didn't get it fair and square!

Did I mention, I really HATE cheats!

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Re: Major Problem With Hackers

in reply to AaronLinder

for 3 years me and my black ops 1 clan have had to face boosters and hackers taking our places at top of the team death match leaderboards alot of people up there that hack and boost have tried hard to disguise what they have done and are not very easy to spot i have thought alot of people have been good players to find them boosting and hacking mostly snd glitch which will take of there losses to make there win ratios look good and the xp lobby i used to love playing domination and headquaters but recently i have come across some serious hackers in these game modes ive come across some little pussys but nothing as bad as these unlimited health and actually invisible to everybody ive been just about to win games of headquaters to have these people join at the end and capture and ive taken some unfair losses and ends to 93 win streaks ive tried and tried to report this for a while now as there getting so much worse its every game now but i honestly dont think anything will ever happen to them they will never be banned or these hackers will be free to foam and destroy everyone and anything that steps in there way on call of duty simply because they can! ive hate messaged a few from my games and they just laugh because they know they will not be stopped it ruined world at war and mw2 now its ruining black ops 1and mw3 and also black ops 2 so ive been told ive never ever been interested in even trying to find out how to do this but somebody on my friends list told me and i was disgusted at how easy it is all you do is simply watch a video from the community you cant miss them because they have lists of every hack on  and what the hack does i was shocked to discover that this is so easy to do there is a certian gamer using unlimited health and invisibility hes called TreyarchTragedy he has over 100 thousand kills with 0 deaths on his very poor account ive reported him sent his gamer id in and i still see him doing this all day every day and he never gets bored and that is a very sad life to lead! but i hope somebody helps us sort these people out soon or thats going to be the best call of duty ever made ruined!

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Re: Major Problem With Hackers

in reply to AaronLinder

I guesse the main reason treyarch hasn't resolved these issue is mainly because its too hard. Treyarch has to go threw and ban each player individualy once found hacking. Of course why don't they have a monitering system installed on the black ops system to ban players on multyplayer that have impossible stats and insane killstreaks of 100+, Well the simple answere Is they don't care, Its too much work and because there are so many past and present hackers online on block ops 1 that They wouldn't be able to find them all(Not all hacks are noticable). the basic fact is Black ops 1 is old and no one really cares about it anymore except for us die hard fans so you can all go around accusing treyarch of being cheep,unfriendly and lazy but the real fact is, treyarch has moved on.

(Would just like to say that all this is completly my opinion of what is supposable going on. I have absolutly no proof what so ever I just used simply logic of what I think treyarch is facing at the moment)


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Re: Major Problem With Hackers

in reply to AaronLinder

well i've the same problem which's every time i notice to many invisible's, God Mod, Unlimited Ammo, etc.

maybe the Treyarch thinks this game is too old? but there is a huge fan still playing it. Treyarch in behalf of Black Ops players we demand only an update gets rid of those hackers?? why not bring the players back in Call of Duty. well that's reminds me old days of playing MW2 i saw the hackers begins i tries to reach the anyone could fix or even to talk? the outcome no body cares!!

By the way Treyarch i've a solutions:

1: Update

2: Create a new DLC packs

Best Regards,  

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Re: Major Problem With Hackers

in reply to AaronLinder

There are many ways to tell if some one is a hacker and I ran into a few of them during my black ops 2 career.  Here's what I saw.

  • Player was shooting enemies through FLOORS AND WALLS like he knows they are there
  • Player Level: 55, Player Prestige: 255
  • Player had camouflages on Playstation 3 that aren't available yet (Afterlife, Comics, Paladin, UK Punk)

I too wish Activision and/or Treyarch would do something about these hackers.  I also do understand that it is hard for them to do something about it QUICKLY because they have to go through so many of "these things" every day.  But again, they MIGHT do something about it eventually.

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Re: Major Problem With Hackers

in reply to AaronLinder

I have noticed this problem to. mostly on bo2

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