Man Dies From Fatal Insomnia

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Found this interesting...

Shortly after his 40th birthday in 1991, Michael Corke, a music teacher from Chicago, began having trouble sleeping. In the following weeks, the insomnia grew worse and his health rapidly deteriorated. Eventually he couldn’t sleep at all.

The doctors were baffled but could do nothing for him. Michael was physically and mentally exhausted, and wanted nothing more than to be able to fall asleep. But his brain wouldn’t let him.

Video footage of him appearing at a school orchestra concert revealed a frail old man - a far cry from the fit and healthy individual he was just months earlier. Eventually he was admitted to hospital and doctors diagnosed him with an extremely rare genetic disorder discovered just seven years prior: Fatal Familial Insomnia (

Michael Corke died in the hospital after six months from a complete lack of sleep.

Video of Michaels's story...

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Huh, that sucks...
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Well... sucks for him.
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i feel bad for that guy
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I can't imagine what that must feel like. Wanting to go to sleep and not being able to.
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oh my god, what a pain
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Maybe someone should have given him a link to this forum. I am sure there are a couple of threads here that would have done the trick.
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Incredible. What an awfull way to go.
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Jesus christ. Thats terrible.

It's quite scary insomnia i think. If you can't go to sleep you wake up the next morning feeling terrible, and grouchy. Then you end up with no freinds because you are always miserable. That explains why i have only a few 0-0
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Poor guy. Funny thing I just found out because of this.

I started to search on google for this story just to read about it and if you type "Man dies..." the first thing google brings up as the most searched for is; *drum roll* "Man dies after intercourse with horse" bizarre. Even more so as it finds 2,170,000 results

Seriously though RIP Michael Corke and also the poor guy who loved his horse that bit too much
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