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Dear Treyarch,

Call of Duty: Black Ops is a perfect game. It most likely couldn't have been better, but the problem is Treyarch is running short of ideas. The recent map pack was amazing.I was shocked on my first play at Call of The Dead. The maps were all awesome but Zoo was kinda Ghetto. (lol) I was amazed with the VR11 which I know stands for vril which if anyone has questions they can look here:

This is why while getting the "Bring the Crew to Paradise" achievment/ trophy when you kill the man who you make with the VR11 he drops a golden rod which I believe is a vril generator or something like that (I forgot exactly what it was.)

I have many ideas for a new map pack if Treyarch makes one

1.Gambler box= a box for 6000 where you get a random Pack-A-Punch'd weapon

2.Fire/water weapon= (waffe/waffle weapon)

3.A Zombie Veruckt type of deal with 4 on one side and 4 on the other and they open many doors linking them together + wunderwaffe + thundergun

4.New perks such as Eye Spy Soda which makes you look through walls and use other multiplayer perks + put unique names

5.second Pack-A-Punch for 10k (pack-a-punch again) making guns stronger,double ammo, and less recoil/kick/blow back (whatever suits you)

I kinda ran out of ideas but ill keep 'em coming in new posts if you read this than ty Treyarch for any questions message/ fr me im XGTAFAN08X
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I think you guys should bring back call of the dead remasteredv

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6DBD5F58-A17F-416D-8244-1BF88C0DA551.jpegReally big fan of your guys work but I think u guys should add a Airfare and and the helicopter

that dropped you off and you can put a vehicle in the back and I have a idea for a place 

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I was wondering the first strike was pretty hard to tier up and I didn’t get them will they ever be in blackjack shop or no?
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Dear Treyarch, Black Ops 4 is fun, so is blackout. But the only thing that annoys me is the concussion grenades I  blackout. Is there any possible way you guys could either limit the chance of finding them or completely take them out of the game thank you.

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