Michael Jackson: This Is It?

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Originally following the news reports of Michael Jackson’s death, Paramount announced it was going to take rehearsal footage from what was meant to be Michael's comeback tour and turn it into a documentary called This is It.

During the MTV VMA's, we know now that dream has officially been realized in stunning real-time HD. I’m sure the executives wanted to release the film as quickly as possible in order to honor the King of Pop’s memory, not to, you know, capitalize on the wave of unbelievable popularity that the singer gained only after his death.

All joking aside, the trailer looks curiously interesting. What you think? Would you spend your money to see This Is It during it's 2-week theater run? Might you possibly buy the Blu-Ray / DVD to watch at home?

Kenny Ortega says.

"It’s a very private, exclusive look into a creative genius’s world. For the first time ever, fans will see Michael as they have never seen him before – this great artist at work."

"This Is It may go down as the greatest concert that no one got a chance to see, but with this film, we get a rare portrait of Michael as he prepares for his final curtain call and what I believe was going to be his master work.”

I just hope the movie portrays him better than his Living with Michael Jackson documentary did.
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The whole peado thing wouldn't look as bad if he stayed Black!! By the way your number of posts Is nearly 1337
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Das ku.
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