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Mod idea... a different perspective on the first p...

I wanted your opinion on this non-violent (semi) idea that I have. I want to find a programmer to make it for me. lol
It is based on the black ops engine or something similar.
There is an island and an American scientist is developing a serum to create enhanced aggression and super human fighting abilities in soldiers.There are 200 soldiers stationed on the island. Well, the expirement goes wrong and the whole island is infected with the serum creating crazed men with testoserone out of the roof.
The government is going to have to bomb the island to relieve this threat. They are dangerous. Well, this is when a special ops guy is called in. He has retired because he is sick of violence. He is brought in to alleviate the situation and save lives. He is equipped with a gun that shoots rubberized bullets with a small serum injector to counter the toxin in the crazed soldiers. It would be standard guns offset with new technology that accomodate the new non-lethal ammo. You would literally be shooting folks to save them. They would drop to the ground. Stay there for a bit and with time .. regain themselves and move to an extraction zone. I have thought of tons of new weapons (savers) to implement. Satellite driven gas devices that explode in a large area and send out serum. ect ect ect. Sniper rifles with algorithms to reduce the rubber bullets with small wings before impact to give just the right amount of serum without hurting the person.
This spec op guy cannot kill. So, if he gets killed- it's over. It is a last ditch effort to save the men on this island.
What do you think?


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