Multiplayer progress not saving

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Alright, just to get things clear. My account which was made after the dec 1st update, will NOT save even if the servers are fixed?

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If they fixed the issue, you could save your account. I made my account after dec 1st and it was being saved until Friday last week or something like that.

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Yeah I’m not understanding it. Cause one account none of the stats will save or even videos. But on my other account I can play fine with no problems & the stats save?
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Hey dose anyone have a spare account back in december 1 because not of my progrees will save and I just bought black ops for my ps3 

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Same thing happen to me to after I change my psn my stats wont save and it’s not just for black ops on mw 2 as well but the campaign and all my other non online games save fine 

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I was in contact with Activision all day about this issue and by the sounds of it since the game is old that they're not fixing Black Ops 1 or Black Ops II for this issue

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have u checked other games as if there is space or there is a hardware issue. 


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I have a friend that just purchased the cod bo1, 2 pack. Their bo1 wont save, and bo 2 causes system to restore file system. They are getting replacement discs. You can contact to get resolution with issues, they've helped me on a few different occasions. Make sure and log in, look for live chat, and all issues get saved to your account. You will be asked platform, game, issue, etc.. 

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