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My Take on the COD XP event

Call Of Duty XP 2011-Los Angeles

OK, the Activision XP event has come and gone. I was there, I saw it, and I have comments and opinions to express about it.

The event cost $150 per person, which included a hardened copy of Modern Warfare 3, a $99.99 value that includes Founder status and paid membership in COD ELITE. Not a bad return on the money, so let’s clear something up right now. Any criticisms I may have about the event have nothing to do with the money. I feel that, with the inclusion of MW3, I got my fair value. However, COD XP was NOT by any means perfect.

Day One: After leaving my car at the Westin where our 4RUMBOYS tournament team was staying, I had a local friend pick me up. We drove over and got snarled in a horrific traffic jam. This was about 9:20. At 9:40, we bailed, drove to a grocery store 3 blocks away and parked there. Grabbing our backpacks, we walked back. Oh, joy! A line awaited us that stretched about a city block. This was REGISTRATION.

We shuffled through the line slowly. After proceeding about a block around a large building, we could see the courtyard where REGISTRATION was taking place. Then it got all snarled as a second line intersected ours at a literal choke point. That was the ENTRY line, and it was about a block long. When we finally reached the registration desks, they had about 6 young ladies scanning our bar codes and giving us uncomfortable paper wristbands with warnings that if we took them off we would be castrated, labeled heathens and not allowed return access. Happy days indeed.

Now it was on to the ENTRY line. *sigh* I was starting to get a little tired. We shuffled through this line and just as we were about to reach the front security checkpoint they diverted us to “lighten the flow”. Lucky me, I got to walk all of the way around the facility! I enjoyed a fine view of porta-pottys and piles of pallets. I also got to add yet another city block to my travels. We breezed through security, waiting only ten minutes or so and then entered the grounds. I wanted to wander around but the BIG REVEAL was about to happen and we had to go through another wristband security check point. Did I mention REGISTRATION had slapped another wristband on us? A cloth one with a sensor which we now had to scan to get in the main building, a renovated hangar. I got glimpses of Burger Town and the zipline before I hustled in. The hangar was dark and crowded. Giant video screens counted down: 2:13:58. Yes, we’d arrived with literally 2 minutes to spare…two hours since we got caught in that traffic jam.

The multiplayer reveal was amazing. The details are available elsewhere so I’m not getting into them here. It was difficult getting a good spot to see the stage but they had giant monitors every 30 feet or so hanging from the ceiling so I only missed stuff when the screen behind the speakers on stage showed something different from what the hanging ones were showing. I was very excited and stuck around until the Jeep commercial soaking in all I could about the new game. BTW-they showed a fan film during the REVEAL that was absolutely fantastic…great idea to include it.

My buddy Shadow and I headed out during the Jeep commercial and tried to get to the games. The cards we were given at REGISTRATION had green symbols and we were told “No way”. It was suggested that we “go check out the stuff outside”. Ok, fine. Went out, bumped into Dan Amrich for a minute and smoked. Found the 4RUMBOYS team and collected my totally cool shirt from them that they’d brought.

Went back inside and managed to play a round of King of the Hill on World at War. They said they needed one more and I volunteered. I was so out of practice…..but at least I got to play. Sadly, due to ridiculously long lines, this would be the last game I played for about 4 hours. We wandered around, looking at the sick lines and debating what was worth standing yet again for an hour or more. Luckily, I found the first of several bars and got an overpriced beer. Hey, it wasn’t that bad-cheaper than an Angels game by far. Then on to the Tournament platform. My team was waiting. Technical difficulties. They were going to be there a while, so off I went. Shadow took a shot at Black Ops, but all of the games were set for CORE, not something we play. Fair enough, we’d adapt. Or just look real bad. Either way, we decided to go see the zipline. Me, I don’t let my feet off the ground if I can help it but Shadow was interested. His interest waned when we saw-yup, the line. I did stop by the KROQ booth, though, and get a cool bumper sticker….

Back inside and the lines hadn’t let up. In fact, they were longer. We heard from a friend that our copies of MW3 were being handed out near Nathan’s café so off we went. Oh my god, the line was never-ending. We vowed to come back and get in it later…,when it was smaller. I’ve always been an optimist.

Stupid me. Not only did it never get smaller-they announced a 5pm cut off time for distribution. WTF? The event was scheduled to run until 10 pm….

I wandered around taking photos, filmed my team’s competition, got some color shots and generally farted around doing not much of anything. The lines-I asked a guy who was running a section of MW2 and he said they were averaging about an hour to an hour and a half wait-to play one ten minute round. Really? At one point the 4RUMBOYS team, Shadow and I went to Nathan’s to get lunch. When the girl told me $13, I clarified that the beer in my hand had been paid for. She informed me that $13 was for the small sub sandwich I had decided on for lunch. Some of the guys hit $30. Cookies are highly overrated in my opinion. So are chips. Afterwards we figured out why Burger Town had such crazy lines- $12 for a burger, fries and a Coke. If you didn’t mind waiting 20 minutes or more…

I should point out that during the course of Day One we checked out the sumo wrestling pit, spent some time wondering how a half a dozen charging stations at the Mountain Dew booth would help every needy person and toured the ARMORY. That was kinda cool, but it was fairly small and took about ten minutes for a detailed examination. I did see Kevin Garnett getting ready to join a Pros vs GIJoes competition in the other hall. Stumbled in there on the way out to smoke and saw the press conference/promo part. Cool. Completely missed VAHN’s panel-um, an agenda would have been nice. All they gave us at REGISTRATION was a map and our early access card.

At one point, Shadow and I stood in a line to play the new game. Imagine our surprise when we were told that, after 25 minutes, this was a tournament team seat facility, competing for one of the 4 open slots…we just couldn’t win. All we wanted to do was play the new game! Alas, this was not happening today. I did manage to stand for only 30 minutes to play another King of the Hill round, this time on Black Ops. The 4RUMBOYS team wanted to check out the paintball so we went out and sat in the bleachers to watch. The safety netting was hard to see through, but it looked like fun. I went to ask the guys running it some questions. They told me that there were 2 sixteen man teams and rounds lasted seven minutes. I counted the people in line and told my buddies that there was a one hour and forty minute wait. We decided to go back to the hotel. We were beat, and I had an easy 5 miles on my feet plus standing in line. It was 6 o’clock. Dropkick Murphys were due on at 8, but nothing had started on time so far and we had low hopes in that regards as well. Shadow and I hiked back to the car with leaden feet and legs…………

Addendum, DAY ONE: Jewelzz, Grit and I went out to smoke in front of the hotel and some lady in an XP shirt asked if we were going back. LOL. Jewelzz has a way with words. She got the idea that we were a bit disappointed and wouldn’t be returning that night.


I was tired but I had to return to XP on Saturday because they’d cut the hand-out line for the game codes at 5pm the previous day and I still needed mine. Shadow and I figured there wouldn’t be the crush for REGISTRATION like there was the prior day so we took our time, eating a nice breakfast before we headed over. Good thing, as we weren’t getting any food anytime soon, as it turned out….

We got a fantastic (free) parking space right in front of the event-and then had to walk three blocks to get to the back of the line to enter. It was 9:42 am and the doors were scheduled to open at 10. We didn’t get in until about 10:30 and we raced over to the cafeteria where the hand-out window was. There we found a sign saying gift bags would start being passed out at 1pm. Shadow and his brother went to the zip line and I wandered over to the MW2 area because it had the shortest lines. I actually only waited 5 minutes before being recruited to fill out a 4 man team with 3 strangers. There was such a lack of interest that we were allowed to play 4 times in a row. Then Shadow returned, highly disappointed, from the zip line area. He’s a pretty good sized guy and they turned him away on the grounds that he exceeded the weight limit. A sign right where the line started would have been nice….

Off we went at 11:30 to stand in line for our gift bags. There was a bar right there and some interesting people to talk to so the wait wasn’t too awful. After only an hour and a half the line began to move and within twenty minutes we had our gift bags. We got: a tin COD MW3 box containing our code and a COD XP 2011 patch, a tiny bag of Doritos, a can of Mountain Dew with the double exp instructions on it, a MW3 poster, a MW3 social media info sheet, a coupon for 20% off my next Gunnar sunglasses purchase, information about a charity and a COD Foundation sticker. Oh, it all came in a real cool bag, btw….

I gave the Mountain Dew away because I didn’t need the exp in Black Ops since I maxed out last week and I can’t drink sodas with sugar in them. The Doritos went into my kid when I got home. The rest of the stuff is holding the top of my dresser down until I can figure out what I want to do with it all…

Having gotten what we came for, on the advice of some gaming buddies that we’d bumped into we went to the Spec Ops area and got in line. It wrapped around the whole area but the line moved fast for all of that. In about 20-25 minutes we (finally!) seated ourselves in front of MW3. I have to admit-I’ll be playing Spec Ops when the game releases. I hate co-op games, preferring to mangle living opponents via LIVE but this was fun! It was a sort of combination of Black Ops training mode and Zombies. Waves of increasingly specialized AI opponents come at you and you purchase weapon upgrades as you can afford them to try and survive . We got to L12-but we could have gone farther if I’d realized my controller was configured in the tactical mode before we started. I kept throwing myself on the ground and tripping up Shadow….

Having finished with that, we checked the time. 3pm. I hadn’t seen my family since Thursday evening, so we opted to leave so I could make the long drive across LA while it was still light. My days at XP were finished-and I had a lot to think about.

NEXT: The 4RUMBOYS Tournament Team


I wasn’t at COD XP as a player but the 4Rumboys had a team there. xSMOKEx, True Grit Dirt, Darth Nightwing and Jewelzz attended to play for the big money. Everyone in 4RUM was excited for them, as they were a formidable team with a ton of experience playing together. With airfare covered by Smoke’s qualification in an ELITE challenge, the team came to LA with high hopes.

I wasn’t there the first night, but the guys tell me that they were left standing outside for an hour because the banquet they were required to attend was late starting. Visions of things to come, although they didn’t know that yet. The next morning they were to catch an 8:30 shuttle to the Experience. The shuttle didn’t arrive until 9:30. After making their way to the XP, they were eager to “check things out” since they had been given yellow early access passes. Sadly, they were informed that they had to wait at the main tournament stage until it was time to start, since they were first up on the primary video screen. They didn’t get a chance to do more than see the Reveal-then they had to wait or risk disqualification. I ran into them right after the Reveal and they were all a little nervous and testy, for which I don’t blame them. I would have been too.

When they got to the tournament stage they were informed that the primary bank of Xboxes had “technical issues” but that they should stay put until they were corrected. I checked in briefly to find out their status and then wandered off to stand in a few lines when it became clear they wouldn’t be starting anytime soon.

The tournament started minus the primary, featured game and they even had color commentators calling out the play by play. Meanwhile, 4RUM waited. For an hour and a half. Just standing there…they were told if they left and didn’t respond when called they’d be out. So they waited.

Finally, they were told to go begin their 20 minute practice session. I checked the time and raced off to see what was up with the gift bags. I came back with 5 minutes to spare and they had already started. I found out later that Jewelzz’s machine kept wiping his custom set ups(3 times), and he only got 3 minutes of practice. I quickly set up my camera and tripod and began filming the game play right off the giant screen. There was a French lady there filming as well and at one point she looked at my tripod and then stood in front of my camera. I got some great shots of her ass-shame she’d never heard of a comb, though. One of the Tourney people finally got her rude self out of my way-mere seconds before I demonstrated just how vicious I am capable of being.

Mike, one of the commentators, kept talking about how amazing some guy on the French team was and how well he was doing. It started irking me as it felt like he was showing extreme favoritism. I found out later that he’d been MLG for 6 years and knew most of the pro ringers that were in the main tourney. That included the French guy he kept lauding to the heavens.

From my vantage point I could see the frustration on the guys’ faces as they played. The game play was odd, too, as they looked like they weren’t sprinting, ever, while the other team (who’s perspective they kept the main screen on the whole time) was blazing around at will. Then, half way through Round Two, the Activision people opted to shut off the main screen and just show a logo. The commentators spoke as if 4RUM was already eliminated, never even considering a possible come back. What I didn’t know is that one of our guys had an Xbox that kept disengaging (flickering). I’m sure it would have made Activision look bad if the main screen showed that the featured match was being played with technical issues…

Now, I’m not making excuses for the guys or knocking the French team they faced. Those Frenchies were good players. 4RUM tried, but it was a one-sided match. Later, the guys reported that game play bore little or no resemblance to LAN play. There was hit delay and non-detection, just like in Black Ops multiplayer. None of us were sure if they were WIFI games or some odd flaw of MW3 that needed to be worked out. After the match, we all wandered around the place taking in the sights, eating lunch and analyzing the game play. Jewelzz was so disgusted with how things had gone that he swore he wouldn’t return on Saturday. We ended up back at the Westin, where Grit showed off his beer inhaling skills while we debated what to do next. Even though everyone was pretty tired, what with all of the standing around waiting and holding places in lines we opted to go out to Hollyweird so my non-native friends could see the place. It was a Friday night and the freaks were out in full force-the guys got their money’s worth. We did the Chinese theater and grabbed some pizza and burgers at one of the local dives before calling it a day.

Interesting point of consideration-every first round match except one went 3-0. I find it hard to believe that 15 teams that qualified were that overmatched by their opponents, despite all of the pro ringers that competed. Just saying….

Cable Cuts Loose: What didn’t work and suggestions to make the next time better.

OK, I did the whole COD XP thing and I saw the good and the bad. I don’t want to knock the show but certain failure points should be raised. After all, everyone paid $150 to attend and I, personally, waited with eager anticipation for weeks until the date finally rolled around. I was so excited. I left my family behind in the summertime in California-a limited window of bliss-to come here. In the end my opinion was-it should have been better.


First, the entire event was oversold. I don’t know if Activision just wanted to provide maximum exposure for the new game or they were looking to fill the charity coffers but there were too many people for the amount of activities available. Starting with the traffic to get in, lines were the rule of the day. We actually parked 3 blocks away and walked in, arriving MUCH sooner than the car that had originally been in front of us on the street could even park. Then we had to sit in the REGISTRATION line. It was ridiculous. We found out why when we saw how many people were involved in the CHECK IN. Not enough, in my opinion. You have to do time motion studies for something like this. X amount of time to register a person. Y amount of people actually doing the registering. Z number of people expected to attend. Run them together and you have the estimated time to register all attendees. Someone failed to do the math. Also, the location of the REGISTRATION line and the ENTRY line were transposed, causing a huge traffic snarl on a pedestrian level. Someone dropped the ball as far as working out the traffic patterns…

Second-the tracking process was not integrated clearly and smoothly. I had to get wristbands when my bar code was scanned at REGISTRATION. Then I had to stand in another huge line later to get my wristband scanned to receive my gift bag-that everyone attending expected to receive. Add the long line to enter, which moved slowly because it crossed the parking access and had to be halted periodically so cars could be let into the lot and I arrived tired. And cross. And wondering what I’d gotten myself into.

Third-there were very cool event things available. The zipline, the Jeep obstacle course, The Pit human obstacle course and the paintball experience on a reproduced MW2 map were all very great ideas. However, (here it comes), the lines for these were sick. A friend got to do The Pit and someone asked him afterwards what his time was. He replied, “Two hours, thirty-three minutes and fourteen seconds.”

Fourth-We all came here to play the new game. That was the Holy Grail. Sadly, there weren’t enough opportunities to go around. I wanted to get two or three games under my belt at the very least. I played once, and only Spec Ops, because that had the fastest line. Fastest is, of course, relative where this event was concerned. Half of the gaming facilities should have been devoted to just letting us play the game. Instead we got access to WAW, COD4, MW2 and Bops. Sorry guys, but I have all of those at home-and there aren’t any lines. As near as I could tell, there wasn’t even a “general play” area for MW3-it was all specialized games like zombies or Spec Ops, or play to get in the tournament.

Fifth-Burgertown was cool for food and the food was high quality but the lines…

And the cold food cafeteria was the biggest rip-off I’ve ever seen. Thirteen dollars for a sub sandwich? Really?

Sixth-There were events/panels in the second hall, the one where they held the BIG REVEAL. Sadly, there was never an agenda to go off of. I found one or two things because I wandered in there-and I missed hearing VAHN completely, a situation I was personally annoyed at as I had wanted to hear him and possibly meet him.

Seventh-A lot of us interact on the Internet but have never met face to face. Finding someone in the chaos was nearly impossible. Why? I bumped into One Of Swords, but almost missed three guys I play COD with all of the time. Why?

Eighth-I really wanted to catch the Dropkick Murphys. Unfortunately, they weren’t even scheduled on until 8 pm. I understand the idea of bookending the hyped musical acts but waiting until everyone was exhausted seemed counter-productive. Couldn’t they have played at, say, four pm instead while people still had energy?

Ninth- On Day2 there was one ungodly line to get in. Really? I KNOW there was more than one entrance-I got shuffled to a secondary on DAY1. Couldn’t they have more than one way in on DAY2, when REGISTRATION was no longer an issue?

OK, these aren’t all of my complaints but they cover the ones that really slapped me in the face.

So how could it have been better? Well, let’s take a look.


FIRST OFF-the lines. As far as I can recall, they’ve been holding Star Trek conventions since 1971. I know Activision figured they could handle the whole affair internally as far as planning and logistics. However, I would have hired someone who’s been deeply involved in numerous Star Trek conventions as a consulting coordinator. A lot of the logistical problems could have been predicted and planned for with a veteran convention planner.

SECOND-When I REGISTERED I got a map and a card telling me when I could access the gaming area. Next time, let’s include an agenda of activities and when/where they are scheduled. Also, that ridiculous wait for the gift bags-thank you for the gifts but couldn’t they have been handed out when we got our REGISTRATION dealt with? Seriously, just getting rid of that gift bag line would have made me smile a lot more that weekend.

THIRD-The activities. A big ball was dropped here. The idea of the Sumo wrestling, the zipline, etc should have been to draw off crowds while keeping the XP attendees amused. The problem was-there wasn’t enough. And what there was, was great, but the wrong kind for bleeding the lines down. What I would have done is: Contact Pendleton USMC Command and set up some outdoor grandstands with regularly scheduled shows featuring our Marines giving demonstrations of unarmed combat. I also would have tried to set up a firing range for Marine sharpshooters to demonstrate the assorted weapons used in COD-again, with grandstand/bleacher seating. If you hung standard paper targets on gallon bottles of colored water you’d have a very visually appealing show. I would have tried to get one of the Navy’s fantastic transport hovercraft on the grounds with guided tours/lectures, as well as a tank, an APC and maybe even some aircraft. And the military could have set up combat simulators for people to try out as well. Heck, as part of the deal Activision could have permitted a row of recruiting booths for the US military. Why not? There’s certainly an interest in at least some of the people who attended…

Also, there was a UAV on display in the gaming hall. How come they weren’t flying it around, showing it off and drawing yet another crowd? Notice how all of the things I’m suggesting would draw down the long lines by diverting people. (I might point out that COD XP 2011 was extremely close to LAX, making the launch of UAVs less than problematic.)

We had a paintball playfield. And we had patches you could earn for various things/games along the way. Why not a paintball shooting range for a patch? You could have ten, twenty, or more people firing at targets at once, a set number of shots and, wait for it, a quick line. Yet another idea to pull lines away from the gaming hall. My point is, with a little imagination there could have been enough to do that no line lasted two and a half hours like my buddy at The Pit.

FOURTH-I would have had a section, a fairly big section, devoted to playing MW3. Teams, FFA, whatever, but I’d have had a hundred XBOXs devoted to just that. No qualifying for the Tournament, just hands-on play. You win, you stay-you lose, out you go. But that’s just me. After all, the COD XP was about seeing Kanye West, not playing the new game, right?

FIFTH-OK, a while back I worked for Tricon Global, the corporation that owns Taco Bell, Pizza Hut and KFC. I KNOW they can cater events. I’m thinking, instead of that ridiculously priced cafeteria they could have put in a TB/PH/KFC Express. Furthermore, with a little negotiation, I’m sure an agreement to sell the bean burritos and tacos for a buck a piece, with the difference between Taco Bell’s normal pricing and those $1 prices could have been reached, the difference going to the COD Endowment. Ditto price adjustments for Personal Pan Pizzas and whatever KFC offers on the cheap and easy. Point is, a lot of people pushed their finances to get to COD XP-the sticker shock of the food could have been avoided. And with a massive corp like Tricon, tie-in promotions for MW3 cups, etc could have been marketed. For that matter, done right, COD XP could have been a kick off for a massive joint marketing campaign between Activision and Tricon. And I can even see the TB counter. I picture two menu boards with a vid screen in the middle running a simple ad campaign. The ads would be testimonials from troops in uniform returning from combat zones and talking about their experiences like this:

“I’m Sgt. Bob Smith, First Marine Division. I just returned from 8 months in Afghanistan. After I saw my family, the first thing I did was go to Taco Bell and get a Burrito Supreme. One bite, and I knew I was home.”

SIXTH- With the tons of electronics on display, it seems to me that 3 AGENDA big screen monitors locate front, back and middle of the main hall could have called off what was happening next, instead of leaving us to stumble upon panel discussions, Pros V GI Joes, etc. I mean, c’mon, that’s a no brainer.

SEVENTH- This was another big ball drop. Communication on site. I was in one of the lounge areas, and they had nice little seats and tables. What was lacking was something Microsoft should have foreseen and planned for-a way for people to talk/leave/send messages to each other on site. I would have set up kiosks to allow people to access XBOX LIVE/Twitter/FaceBook and possibly even email in places like the cute little lounge I had my first beer in. In fact, instead of randomly showing tweets on some of the overhead video monitors, I would have rigged it so you could send a message to someone, let’s say COD BlackIce, and it would have been visible overhead. Something like: “COD BlackIce-Cable is at the Zipline. C’mon over.” Obviously not all of the messages could be shown but just having a set up for access would have been nice. Furthermore, Microsoft could have rigged the terminals to log you out after 5 minutes and not let you back in for 15 just to limit usage to basic communications. I think these kiosks should have been all over the place, outside as well as in. They could have had a Microsoft tent with nothing but. It would have been a great venue to advertise stuff like Windows 8….

EIGHTH- Perhaps a small outdoor stage with various (LA) local bands featured all day long, with the headliners saved for the finale would have been cool? I might point out that many professional musicians play video games because of their odd lifestyle structure and finding willing bands to appear should be easy. Again, drawing off the crowds is a goal here.

For my suggestions to # NINE-go see my suggestion for #1. The Coordinating Consultant would NOT have let that happen.

COD XP was fun. I had an interesting time, but it could have been so much more. Activision got a lot right-and missed the boat on a lot as well. The lines-well, enough said about those. I have told you what I saw, my impressions of the two days and areas I thought could have been improved. I even put up instead of just bashing, offering a few ideas that could have expanded the experience immensely. It is my fervent hope that if another one is held next year, Activision and all participating parties take a good, hard, honest look at both the good and the bad and make an effort to top COD XP 2011 with an even more spectacular COD XP 2012. I’m reasonably certain that with a little imagination and some more intense predictive logistical planning the event can be lifted from “pretty cool” to “WOW!” status.
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Re: My Take on the COD XP event

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can we get the double post deleted?

Not sure what happened....
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Re: My Take on the COD XP event

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Dang Cable, that sounds really really disappointing It's cool that you got to go and see all the cool stuff, and meet up with some of your buddies though. I had been a little bummed that I couldn't make it to the event (getting from NY to LA on my salary isn't within the realm of 'reason') but after reading what went down, I'm a little relived that I wasn't able to.

By the sounds of things, the lines are what made the whole thing less-than-stellar. Personally, if I were there, I think the most fun I would've had would be watching our 4RUM boys compete (and from what you said, the whole thing seemed a little sketchy) and going to the panels.

I would have LOVED to get to hear everything they said during the panels, but all I had was the shitty stream that kept cutting in and out, and completely cut out the Treyarch panel (they showed it later, but it kept cutting out for 5-10 minutes at a time) If I had been there, it would have been my favorite part, getting to hear the devs and others in person, and maybe getting to meet them.

Thanks for the detailed review though, very well written.
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Re: My Take on the COD XP event

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Very, very good read, Cable. I saw from the XP vids that it was overcrowded. Activision should have known that they are in L.A., a highly populated area. It sucks that the experience sucked for you because of lines and for the squad to look like bad players because of the lame MLG commentators.

The part about the French lady made lolz a little too.
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Re: My Take on the COD XP event

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Thanks for theinput folks!
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Re: My Take on the COD XP event

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Cable, how much time did you get on MW3's multiplayer minus the spec ops? (It didn't seem you got much time on the multiplayer)

To be honest, I think the next COD XP should focus primary on the upcoming COD rather than wasting room with older COD games.

If people are paying $150, isn't it fair to say that they are paying for the upcoming game?

We already own a copy at home, why use the XBOX 360's for older titles?

I can understand if next year, keep a few XBOX 360's for MW3 but at least get as many people as you can on the newest COD game from Treyarch.
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Re: My Take on the COD XP event

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Thank you for the in depth, and honest review of the event. I hope that someone involved reads some of the fine points you made and takes them under strong advisement for future COD Sponsored events. Really not feeling like I missed out on a whole lot after reading the largely negative reviews of the experience around the web.

The sad part is that I could see the next one going just as poorly....people will still show up in piles, hurling buckets of money at the developers and organizers and bitch about it afterwards. "$13 for a sandwich??? C'mon, they were $12 last year!"
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Re: My Take on the COD XP event

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Cable, despite the things that dragged you down, would you ever go back? Was the ticket worth it though, with the free hardened and everything?
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Re: My Take on the COD XP event

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Interesting post Cable, long and wordy.

Yes I read it all but do not be suprised if some one ask for a summary of it because they do not want to waste the time to read it all.

So it seems you got what you paid for in the end.

What everyone got and paid for too.

Not what you expected; but what you paid for. There is a difference ya know.

Same as everyone that complains about the game. They got what they paid for, not what they expected.

Rule of thumb: Never set your expectations too high for any reason no matter how much hype a topic or subject has. Or you will always face the chance that those high expectations will not be met and you will be either mildly dissapointed or severely dissapointed.

But I am pretty sure that you should allready know this though.

Go with a realistic expectation that inlcudes the chance that nothing will go as planned or hoped for but with the openness to what ever does happen for what ever expereince can be learned from it.

Again something I am sure you should allready know.

Paying X$ does not gurantee you anything. So do not pay X$ if your not willing to be dissapointed or have your expectaitons not met in events like that, or in video games. For if you do and they are not met you only have yourself to blame for falling into the standard hype group following mentaltity that plagues this world.
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Re: My Take on the COD XP event

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An Oreo wrote:


Cable, despite the things that dragged you down, would you ever go back? Was the ticket worth it though, with the free hardened and everything?

But the game was not FREE. they did pay for it many times over with all the time and energy and frustrations they had to deal with. So oh yes they paid for it.
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