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Heres a breakdown of the new trailer, sorry if its been double posted. I'm not a gun pro but this is what i found out from the video. Feel free to add more thing to this.

1. at :19 an mp5? with grip?

2. at :23 on the note it has a date July 21, 1961 and i googled it and this is what i found

1961 – Mercury program: Mercury-Redstone 4 Mission – Gus Grissom piloting Liberty Bell 7 becomes the second American to go into space (in a suborbital mission)

3. at :26 you see the m16.

4. at :29 an m16 with an acog

5. at :37 you see the ak-47

6. at :40-:42 you see the Aug Hbar with a silencer( oh yes its back)

7. at :59 I see a machete on the guys back, possible new knife?

8. at 1:04 you see the shotgun(dont know the name but heres a link to the pic of it? and i think it has a heat shield, 2nd from top ... otguns.jpg) with Dragon's breath heres a couple of clips of it.

... re=related

9. at 1:09-1:11 you see some lock on laser guided explosive, dont know what it is.

10. at 1:12 you got an M202A1 FLASH(Flame Assault Shoulder Weapon)

11. at 1:20 you see a standard pump action shotgun kinda like a mossberg, I think.

12. at 1:25 its an ak with a bipod

13. at 1:26 you see that same shotgun in #8

14. at 1:32 you see the aug again on the guys back and stomach as he is running and falling dow
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The shotgun is the Spas-12 (Oh yes its back!)
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nice break down
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Once again, very nice....
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Bravo Tase...I didn't even catch half the sh!t in that video that you did
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great job tase, your superiority has been shown again...
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