My multiplayer ranking is not saving. I have made it to level 12 and turned of system

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I wish there was

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Hey all, I’m not into Call of Duty but I do play the Transformers games which is also published by Activision.


I started having the same issues where my Multiplayer progress would be reset everytime I left the game. It’s so frustrating as I recently just got a PS3 to play the games again only to be slapped in the face.


I went online and seen lots of other people have the same problem. Mainly Call of Duty players. I figured I would post here since there is some friction.


I want to start a petition against Activision to at least fix the servers to where our Multiplayer progress will save. It’s a long shot considering how the company is and how 10+ year old games won’t garner them any money but it’s a chance. Will any of you be willing to sign?

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I will sign because this needs to be fixed 

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Same for me
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